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Friday, January 21, 2011

PA Farm Show 2011

If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend taking the opportunity to visit the PA State Farm Show in Harrisburg.  There is so much to do, so much to learn.

Various High School FFA participants put together amazing exhibits highlighting advancements in agriculture.  From Organic Chicken Farming - this display showcased the cleanliness of the cage free facilities to demonstrate that corporate farming can be clean and conscientious.


Whitaker even enjoyed learning about all the technological advancements in farming!
 The children had the opportunity to try to "milk" a cow.  But we got there too early in the morning - the "milking" station hadn't been set up yet.
You can see neat farm toys.  This was like a pedal tractor/go cart hybrid.  With a seat behind the driver.  Very cool - but way too expensive for our farm.

Willie demonstrates how big a tractor tire is.

Not to be outdone, Walker climbs inside too!

 The kids can participate in the Farm Detective program where they visit various stations around the farm show and learn about each subject.  From apples to wood, the kids are exposed to all aspects of farming.

A kid area sponsored by the Beef Council.

Did you know . . .
 They even had exhibits to encourage an active lifestyle.  This was an exercise event where the kids danced and did some exercises.  At the end, they got to select a low fat chocolate milk for a treat.

The farm show also has beautiful displays.

And a large play area in the family living section.  Here the kids get to dress scarecrows and play in "corn" boxes.

For some reason, my kids loved dressing these scarecrows.  I suggested to Erik that I'm going to put scarecrow heads on all our clothes hangars and give the kids their laundry baskets and tell them to go dress the scarecrows!

It really a wonderful event and as a Pennsylvanian, you really should go see the amazing things Pennsylvania Farmers are doing for us.

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