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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of Preschool/First Day of School Eve

I wish I could update you on all kinds of exciting and fun things we did in August, but there's nothing to report.  We did the usual, mundane, everyday things to round out the summer and had a great time doing it.    All of a sudden I woke up this morning to The First Day Of Preschool and First Day of School Eve.  My little Willie J was up bright and early at 7:30 this morning after having spent the night in our bed coughing. ALL . . .NIGHT . . . LONG!  

I'm not sure if this coughing is illness related or allergy/season related.  Maggie went through a bout of it after the Farm Show earlier this month, and still has coughing spells.  Now Willie has it pretty bad and he decided it would be best for him to keep his dad and me up all night because of it.  Apparently that made him feel better because he slept like a log where as his dad and I were not so chipper this morning.  The fact that Willie went to preschool this morning is beyond belief.  I don't feel like any of my children are old enough to even be in school, let alone three of them.

Yesterday, to celebrate, Mimi came over and took the kids on a quad ride picnic lunch.  She always comes up with fun things for them to do and I really appreciate her doing that for them.  I allowed them to take the little camera with them and they had a great time and some of the pictures are so funny.

This day has been creeping up on me all summer, yet I am still surprised it is here.  I've been doing all the required paperwork, completing forms, making appointments and still, the fact that Maggie and Walker start school tomorrow is completely shocking to me!  

As is required, we did the back to school pictures with Willie today.  He had a great time except for the 15 minutes at 8:45 this morning that he stubbornly refused to go to school.  

 I thought it would be awesome to take a picture on the new outdoor sofa I got at Rogers Auction for only $1.  It desperately needs repainted and new cushions, but it is very sturdy and my attempt at a slip cover and pillows brightens it up and hides its flaws.  But, it was in full sun and Willie was not cooperative.
 So we moved to the side steps where the impatiens look so beautiful.  And of course, everyone had to get in.

 I have a picture of Walker sitting similarly to this on his first day of Preschool.  I love those little guys.

I also wonder if they will ever look at these pictures and the ugly insulbrick on our exterior and ask, "When did our house have that green stuff on it?"  Strike that.  I HOPE they look at these pictures and the ugly insulbrick on our exterior and ask, "When did our house have that green stuff on it?" because I hope by then we will have finally finished the exterior!

 Willie at school.
Willie and his classmates coming out of his classroom to meet us.

Willie and his friend, Ellie, after their first day of school together.  

We've known Ellie just over a year, and a while back, I made a comment (because all of our kids are the same ages) that we should just go ahead and betroth the first three because we like each other and the opposites match up.  Willie and Ellie have taken the joke to a whole new level acting like an old married couple all ready.  They seriously act like those old couples you see out at the mall, bickering at each other, but holding hands and supporting each other.  It's so funny.  And kind of strange.  Because the "love" seemed be reaching a kind of inappropriate level in terms of seriousness with them, we have had discussion about being good buddies, not boyfriend/girlfriend, etc., but they refuse to cooperate.  Both Willie and Ellie (from hence on to be referred to as "Wellie" have relatives planning weddings and so marriage and weddings are in the forefront of both of their lives and randomly, they will announce to us (the mothers) "When I marry Ellie, I will . . ."  and they will proceed to tell us the plans of their wedding,  where they will live, etc.   So now they get to experience preschool together and if they ever do make it down the aisle as they are predicting, we sure will have LOTS of cute pictures of them together for their wedding slide show.

Now I'm off to prepare for our supper and get the kids ready for their first day tomorrow.  Walker has to be up at 7 am to catch the bus at 8 and Maggie has to wait until 12:30 to leave for Kindergarten.  It's going to be an interesting day.  

Goodbye, Summer.  It's time for a new season to begin.  I can't say I'm looking forward to it yet, but I know there are lots of good things to come.  So I'm officially declaring this to be the FALL O' FUN here at Goodness Grows Farm.  Let the FUN continue!