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Friday, August 22, 2008

We are now mac users

Well, I did it.  I walked right into that apple store and bought an imac.  And during the checkout process I had heart palpitations.  It was my first charge card purchase in almost 2 years.  I regretted it instantly but only for a second.

Now I am looking at a 24 inch screen and at the dinky PC screen next to it and wondering why I was so scared.   What a difference.  I'm a little intimidated by all that I don't know, but I signed up for one on one classes at the apple store and will be learning all kinds of good stuff there.  I can't wait.  Now I just have to begin the process of transferring things from my PC to the mac.  Not much, really, just songs and pictures, which shouldn't be hard.  

We went to the Aviary today with our new friends, the Browns, and we had a lovely time.  My children were all extremely well behaved and did their momma proud.  We saw a bunch of neat birds and the impressive bald eagles and he stellar sea-eagle.  Very cool.  We also saw pygmie falcons sitting on eggs.  It was quite comical peering in at her in her box then she would sit up and squawk at you if she thought you were too close.   I forgot to bring my camera - I know, what was I thinking? so I don't have any pictures.  But I'm sure the Brown's will send me some soon.

I'm so excited - I'm leaving to explore more on my mac!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's almost school time

Today we had three day preschool orientation at Walker's school. He was so cute. His little girl friend, Kendyl was there and they pretended not to notice each other for the first 1/2 hour then they were inseparable. Twenty four kids were signed up for the 3 day preschool class, so they decided to divide the class in two. I told the school that I was flexible so we put Walker in the afternoon class. Yesterday, when Erik told Walker we had made this decision, his only question to Erik was, "Is Kendyl going to be in my class?"

I spoke with Kendyl's mom today and she said she would go ahead and put Kendyl in the afternoon class so we could keep the little lovebirds together. We are good mothers!

After orientation, I took Walker to lunch and then we hit Target for some back to school shopping. He picked out three shirts, two pairs of shoes and a back pack. He is so thrilled about this back pack. We searched and searched the aisles until he found what he was looking for.


I don't think he would have cared if Hannah Montana or Hello Kitty was on the back pack, as long as there was a set of wheels and a handle. He has taken that backpack everywhere today. He took it to show Donna, our neighbor, who watched the little two for me, and to the pool where it sat in the van but had to be with us. Then he was so proud to show it to his father who oohed and aahed over it the appropriate amount.

The funniest part of the day and the thing that Walker is most proud of . . .
I bought him a travel size thing of deodorant. He is so happy. He told me the whole way home from Target, over and over,
"I'm going to put my dod e rent in my shelf wif my cwoves so I can be wike Daddy and put my dod e rant on when I get dressed in the morning."

Oh, gracious, that boy is something else. He is supposed to be in bed right now falling asleep, and he keeps coming downstairs because, "I just need to tell you somping, Momma." The first time he told me, "I just can't sweep. I have too many boo-boos that are hurting."

The second time, "Momma, I have a idea. I want to get a wittle cooler wike Daddy has so I can take sammiches wif mustard and mayo on them to school and they won't get bad."
Me: "Well, honey, that's a great idea, but you will be going to school after lunch so I don't think you'll need a whole sandwich."
Walker: "But it's for my snack!"

The third time (I have a feeling there will be more trips down here) he says, "Momma, I'm tiwed of wistening to dat CD pwaying. I've heard all them songs too many times alweady. I need a new CD."
Me: "Walker, that is a radio station playing. You can't change the songs."
Walker in his most annoyed and and disparaging voice, "I KNOW! And I'm tired of them songs, Momma. I need a new CD!"
Me: "Go to bed NOW!"

I do believe Walker has inherited my genes in the sleep department - he just feels like he's going to miss something if he goes to sleep.

He is something so sweet though. I just love him so much.

And I hear footsteps . . .

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sad news

Our miracle Carnie goldfish passed away sometime in the middle of the night.

The funeral was a small family affair. In fact only Walker & Erik were in attendance. I was busy preparing the post-funeral meal and Maggie & Will were busy crying. Not about the fish, but for food.

Walker & Erik joined us at the island counter and began to eat.

Walker: "Why did the fish have to die?"

Me: "Well, those types of fish live a hard life before we get them. They travel with the carnival operators and don't always live very long lives. They really need to live in a pond or a lake."

Walker: "I'm sad all of our fish died."

Me: "I know it is sad when things die."

Maggie: "Fish die. All gone. Go to potty now. Bye shishies." (Maggie cannot say "F" and says it like "sh"instead.)

Walker: "Can we be done now?"

Me: "You're excused."

Thirty minutes later . . .

Walker: "Mom?! When can we get new fish?"