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Monday, August 18, 2008

Sad news

Our miracle Carnie goldfish passed away sometime in the middle of the night.

The funeral was a small family affair. In fact only Walker & Erik were in attendance. I was busy preparing the post-funeral meal and Maggie & Will were busy crying. Not about the fish, but for food.

Walker & Erik joined us at the island counter and began to eat.

Walker: "Why did the fish have to die?"

Me: "Well, those types of fish live a hard life before we get them. They travel with the carnival operators and don't always live very long lives. They really need to live in a pond or a lake."

Walker: "I'm sad all of our fish died."

Me: "I know it is sad when things die."

Maggie: "Fish die. All gone. Go to potty now. Bye shishies." (Maggie cannot say "F" and says it like "sh"instead.)

Walker: "Can we be done now?"

Me: "You're excused."

Thirty minutes later . . .

Walker: "Mom?! When can we get new fish?"

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