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Monday, May 31, 2010

Goodness Grew!

We've got a joyful addition to our lives!  

Whitaker Scot Schwalm joined us May 26th.

What a blessing.

He arrived a little early (but I was glad of that!) and is absolutely perfect.

The doctor called about 8:30 that morning and said some test results indicated that it would be in my best health to go ahead and deliver today.  So, by 10 am we were at the hospital getting ready.   My mom and sister got there shortly after we did!  It was crazy.  I guess they were pretty excited.
This picture of my mom makes me cry a little because she looks so much like my Grammie (her mom) - which is unusual because most people say my mom takes after her dad (my Papa).  I actually took this picture from my recovery bed - she was busy posing for my sister, but from my angle, I saw this and wanted to have a copy for myself.  

My mom was such  a trooper this week.  I am so grateful for her giving up her routine and comfort for me to come out and care for the older three children while I was at the hospital and so Erik could work one day.  She made sure Walker got to school on time and clean, kept my wild middle two occupied and happy, and did odds and ends around the house so Erik wouldn't get overwhelmed and I would be OK with the state of the house when I got home from the hospital. She kept on top of laundry and even cleaned the laundry room (which was Erik's responsibility).  When she and Erik left the hospital on Wednesday night, I felt horrible because I had not gotten around to finishing some of the chores I had wanted to have done in order for her to stay comfortably with us.  I had washed the bedding for her room, but didn't get it put on the bed and I wanted to either get her a good fan or possibly an air conditioner to use while she was with us too because I knew it was going to be so stinking hot and she is like me and would rather be freezing cold than too hot.  We don't have central air conditioning and survive with two window A/C units - one in our bedroom and one in the sun room which we can block off from the rest of the house with our pocket doors.  I just felt awful that she wasn't going to be comfortable sleeping at our house.  But I was relieved to hear that she had thought ahead and brought her own fan with her.  Erik said it sounded like a small jet engine blowing away in there, so I hope she managed to stay semi cool and comfortable.  There are not words to thank her for helping us out so much and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that she wants to take the older three again this week - this time taking them to her house to stay for a few days while I continue to rest, recover and bond with Whit.

I had some minor mix ups in the delivery room and there was a delay in me getting an epidural.  In an attempt to give me some comfort, the nurses tried giving me stadol (which I had already told them didn't work) but I was in such pain and emotionally drained that I caved and let them give it to me.  It was the wrong choice and I was left feeling drunk and having contractions.  I also look drunk and unsteady post delivery from it wearing off.  

Erik was so funny during the labor.  I knew he was terribly uncomfortable with me being in such pain, but he just didn't know what to do or say and became so withdrawn - which is so unlike him.  He was very brave and was by my side which was all that I needed.
This guy is totally in love with his new baby brother and has shown no jealousy so far.  This is a picture of him shushing everyone in the room because we were being too loud for his baby.  He has a cute saying and will ask, "Momma?  I soft him?" about the baby.  This request is for permission to touch heads with Whit and rub against him - kind of like a cat does.  It's pretty cute.

Miss Maggie May is quite the big sister and is prepared to take over for me in the event I should become unable to fulfill my obligations.
Our precious little guy.  He has no neck and several chins.  

and blond highlights to his hair.

He sucks his fingers for comfort.

And he is the final piece to my heart.