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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Farm show update 1

So, we left late this afternoon for the farm show in Harrisburg, PA. I was able to hand the kids off to my wonderful neighbors, Donna & Dan, they are both over their colds, feeling great, and Dan was demanding a visit from his "babies." So off they went. I spent the morning organizing clothes into days - each bundle of clothes got placed in a bag, labeled and packed. I was so thrilled with my inventiveness & organization. I was even so organized as to roll underpants, socks, diapers (for Will), etc. in the outfit for that day and place it in a bag so that all of our outfits for that day were together and easily transferred. I got all of our outfits, and some spare items in one duffel bag. One bag for our toiletries, and one bag for shoes - can't keep shoes w/ the clean stuff. I put together a bag of food, a cooler of drinks and other miscellaneous items - we needed extra blankets for the pack n play, the kids lovies, etc. I was feeling great and was ready to go. The only kink in my plans . . . Erik didn't allot himself enough time to get home and shower before we left; therefore he drove in his semi-dirty work clothes.

We head out, are on the road by 3:30. We get to Harrisburg, have a delightful supper at the Outback Steakhouse and as we're leaving, we notice an odor coming from Will. We discuss it and feel it will hold until we get to the hotel - we want to run to Gabriel Brothers to see if Erik can find a fleece to wear tomorrow, since he didn't follow my plan and shower and change before we left Butler.

As we leave Gabriel Bros., Erik states, "He's leaking." I hold Will in the front seat as Gabriel Bros. is just behind our hotel, and we get checked in and head to the room. I know he will need a bath, so I start running it and take off his clothes only to find his diaper not only leaked, but it created a thick paste going from butt to ankle. I stripped him, bathed him, got the room set up, and now, here I am, sitting in the lobby of a hotel while I do what I thought I was going to escape doing for three days . . . LAUNDRY! It's the dirtiest word on the planet!

Now, it doesn't matter that Erik didn't change before we left, because I was able to wash his fleece with the dirty clothes. Typical, things go perfectly for Erik and I am stuck with the short end of the stick!

Check in over the weekend for updates - I won't be able to post pics, but I'll post them when we get back!