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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Pied Farmer?

Erik put up his portable netting fence at the front of the house yesterday and decided to move this year's kids to the front.  All you have to do to get the kids to move is to shake a feedbucket and they will follow you anywhere.  The only problem was that Maurice, the guard donkey, escaped too and did not want the goats to go with Erik, so he kept interfering with the progress.  In the midst of it all, you will see one of our turkey hatchlings.  She is either Butterball or Honeysuckle - we're not sure which.  Both turkeys are extremely friendly and affectionate.  I almost feel bad we're going to butcher them.  They are so funny wandering around the farm yard.  The best is when Maggie goes out and hollers, "Butterball, Butterball, come here Butterball!"

Oh, and the pictures are grainy because I took them through the window.  Imagine my shock when I open my eyes from my deathbed, I mean sickbed on the couch and see a herd of goats followed by a donkey and a turkey.  I obviously had to get a picture!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just a reminder - don't forget to check out flickr (link on the left) to see TONS more photos of life here at goodness grows farm!

Walker's first day of 3 day Preschool

Today was Walker's first day of 3 day Preschool.  It started off poorly though - the past 3 days I have been suffering from a horrible sore throat.  I thought it was just allergy related.  But, the last two days, I've had a fever and today my throat was (according to me) almost swollen shut when I woke up this morning - it felt like I couldn't swallow my own spit.  I felt horrible but the day was looking up as I thought I had heard Erik cleaning up the kitchen - a task I was unable to do last night since I had developed a 102.5 temperature and chills - the works.  It must have just been wishful hearing because I came down to a dirty kitchen and kids that wanted breakfast and to play.  I managed to beg my neighbor, Dear Donna, to watch the children for me while I went to the clinic and prayed that no one else would be there so I didn't have to wait and I'd be home in time to take Walker to school.

I do have to say for my husband that he did find out when the Walgreen clinic was open for me and had he not been working for another landscaper today, he probably would have stayed home to help.  But, I don't think he thought that I was as seriously sick as I am.  And to be honest, neither did I.  I totally expected to get to Walgreens and they would give me, "well, it's not something we can treat with antibiotics" and spend $60 to buy a bottle of tylenol and suffer.  Luckily (?) I am sick - I have a diagnosis of acute pharyngitis and got a prescription for amoxicillan and will hopefully be well soon.   For anyone considering Walgreens for such an ailment, I highly recommend it!  It was fast and easy.  

But all that Drama screwed up my big plans for Walker's first day of school.  Of course he didn't even notice - he could have cared less.  In his world, he just finished two day preschool yesterday.  He got to school, saw some old friends - he only has 8 others in his class.  He was funny - reminding me this morning, "Kendyll won't be at school this time because she is on 'acation with her family.  But she will be there next week."   He had a fun 2 hours and Mrs. Yam said she thought all the children were all going to get along really well.  

I did manage to take the above adorable pictures.  It almost makes the sore throat go away.


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Adventures with table food.

Will has made the great migration from baby food to all table food.  It has been challenging figuring out what to give him since of late, my children have only wanted to eat corn on the cob and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Will, fortunately, loves jelly sandwiches and has been able to enjoy that delight with his siblings. 
The other night while preparing supper, I offered Will a popsicle to keep him quiet and entertained while I finished our meal.  
I was making enchiladas - I ran the risk but thought if I disquised the fact that it was an enchildada by calling it "confetti beef" and adding black beans and corn to the mixture, the children would gobble it up. (I'm doing a lot of disguising stuff within stuff these days.  I'm going to ask my sister, Katie, to borrow her copy of the Jessica Seinfeld cookbook that came out last year with all the recipes on how to disguise good food in foods kids will eat.)  

No gobbling at his house!  Walker had a melt down saying he didn't like "Fetti beef."  And, true to form, Maggie pushed her plate away and said, "Ca- ca.  Me eat o-gurt, Momma."   So, the older two ate left over hamburgers, yogurt and corn on the cob.  Oooh - variety!

Will, however, scarfed down the confetti beef like a champ, never even letting on he could taste the mexican seasonings in the beef.  He ate so much and so well, I had to bath him following his adventure.  Of course, what better place to bathe a baby than in the kitchen sink.  For those of you not familiar with this concept, it allows a lot of flexibility in the kitchen.  Will was able to sit in the sink while I finished clearing dishes, wiping the counter and sweeping the floor.  Additionally, somehow he managed to grab a brownie off the plate sitting next to the sink and enjoy a sweet treat during his bath.  What better way for a 
baby to eat a gooey, sticky brownie than in the tub.

 You just drain the water and start again.  

After his bath, I put him in the cutest velor Pajamas that my Aunt Alicia had given him when he was born.  I was afraid we may have missed our chance with them since they were size 6 month and he's 10 months, but luckily, they ran big and he looked so adorable all cleaned up and in his baby pajamas.  I hate the fact that he is losing his babyish-ness.  He's starting to let go of things while he is standing, balancing for a few seconds before he realizes he is doing it all by himself.  If he is like his siblings, he'll be walking in 3 weeks or so.  : (  I'm gonna go cry now.  

Look at his little curls forming in the back.  How cute is he?