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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Walker's first day of 3 day Preschool

Today was Walker's first day of 3 day Preschool.  It started off poorly though - the past 3 days I have been suffering from a horrible sore throat.  I thought it was just allergy related.  But, the last two days, I've had a fever and today my throat was (according to me) almost swollen shut when I woke up this morning - it felt like I couldn't swallow my own spit.  I felt horrible but the day was looking up as I thought I had heard Erik cleaning up the kitchen - a task I was unable to do last night since I had developed a 102.5 temperature and chills - the works.  It must have just been wishful hearing because I came down to a dirty kitchen and kids that wanted breakfast and to play.  I managed to beg my neighbor, Dear Donna, to watch the children for me while I went to the clinic and prayed that no one else would be there so I didn't have to wait and I'd be home in time to take Walker to school.

I do have to say for my husband that he did find out when the Walgreen clinic was open for me and had he not been working for another landscaper today, he probably would have stayed home to help.  But, I don't think he thought that I was as seriously sick as I am.  And to be honest, neither did I.  I totally expected to get to Walgreens and they would give me, "well, it's not something we can treat with antibiotics" and spend $60 to buy a bottle of tylenol and suffer.  Luckily (?) I am sick - I have a diagnosis of acute pharyngitis and got a prescription for amoxicillan and will hopefully be well soon.   For anyone considering Walgreens for such an ailment, I highly recommend it!  It was fast and easy.  

But all that Drama screwed up my big plans for Walker's first day of school.  Of course he didn't even notice - he could have cared less.  In his world, he just finished two day preschool yesterday.  He got to school, saw some old friends - he only has 8 others in his class.  He was funny - reminding me this morning, "Kendyll won't be at school this time because she is on 'acation with her family.  But she will be there next week."   He had a fun 2 hours and Mrs. Yam said she thought all the children were all going to get along really well.  

I did manage to take the above adorable pictures.  It almost makes the sore throat go away.


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