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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

32 and counting . . .

I have just over 24 hours left in my 32nd year of life.  It brings me to think of a quote I saw the other day . . ."The days are long but the years are short"  

Doesn't that say it all??

As I look back on this past year, it just amazes me what our family has achieved, the milestones the children have overcome and how very fast it all went.  I look at pictures of last year and Will was just 2 months old!  Now he is a wobbly toddler, running all through the house with his brother and sister.  Maggie was just starting to form sentences and now she is rambling on with her "lets 'tend" stories.  Here's a really good one she pulled on my yesterday - the day of our big annual Christmas Party.  I'm in the kitchen warming food and getting stuff on the table for the party.  All of a sudden Maggie runs in shrieking, "Ahh, it's a mouse, it's a mouse!"  

"Where?" I query in exasperation, truly believing she saw a mouse.  After all, if you've read previous posts of this blog, you'll know my unending battle with a wide variety of rodent like creatures INSIDE my house.

I look around the kitchen and dining room as Maggie continues to wail "A mouse, a mouse!" She then shrieks again, "Momma, it's a 'tend mouse."  She then stomps her foot firmly down, looks up at me with a grin of achievement and pride in her voice, "I killed it!"

If you haven't guessed, the mouse was a pretend mouse.  That is Maggie's new favorite thing to do, "Just 'tend, Momma!"  She says that about everything.  I'll say, "No Maggie May, you may not have a cookie."  "Momma, just 'tend I can have a cookie."  

Walker continues to be a sweet, sweet soul.  Today was his preschool Christmas Party and his friend brought candy canes and distributed them to everyone at pick-up.  Walker received two and I said, "Walker, I think you only need one candy cane."  And his friend looked at me and said, "I gave him two so he could give one to Maggie May."  We thanked him and told him that was a very sweet gesture.  We got home and were walking into the house and Walker said, "Momma, I think we should find a little present for my friend.  He was so nice to give me an extra candy cane for Maggie May and I think we should show him how nice he was."  How stinking sweet is that???  I can't even take it!  That's not to say he doesn't have his moments.  He has been known to give me a run for my money every so often, but over all, he is such a sweet boy.  His best quality is that he is so grateful for the things he is given - little things - like the candy cane - it is just so beautiful.  

I'm just about done with Christmas shopping - I just need to wrap presents and keep them out of eyesight for a few more days.  The countdown is on!  I'm very excited - I think this is truly going to be a magnificent Christmas.  Maggie and Walker are so excited - and Will does everything his brother and sister does, so he will be ripping into presents too.  I'm excited that we've established our Christmas traditions here in this house.  It thrills me that forever, my children will always associate this house as where they spent Christmas as children.  It fills me with such contentment . . . I don't know how to describe it.  One of my biggest goals as a parent is to make this season as memorable for my children as it was for me as a child.  I hope I am able to pull it off.  I know I am eagerly anticipating the excitement of the big day.  I am always a bit sad because I am not spending the holiday with my family the way I used to, but I know I am establishing traditions that my children will cherish the way I cherish the memories I have of Christmas.  And one day, we will spend a Christmas with my family in Curwensville.  Once my children are settled in our traditions here.  

Merry Christmas to you all!  May the blessings of the birth of our Savior be with you now and throughout the new year!  

Love -
Jennie@Goodness Grows Farm