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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Every night I am surprised yet comforted by the lack of ritual that has become a ritual in our home at bedtime.  Will is typically tired around 8:00 - yet if you ask him if he is ready to get his blanky, his answer is "Uh uh."  No.  But we walk upstairs, he lays on his changing table and I pull out a fleece footie pajama and he giggles in excitement over the thought of putting his PJ's on.  It is absolutely adorable.  He then usually puts up a small fuss as I start singing "Where is blanky, where is blanky, in your crib, in your crib . . ." to the tune of Friar Jaques (spelling?).  He sees the blanky and giggles again, grabbing it and stuffing his face into it as if he has to breath in the scent to recognize it as his own.  

Maggie and Walker have no real rituals either except we do read books occassionally - although that is typically a daytime thing - and we brush teeth and put on our PJ's.  Inevitably, whether I put them to bed, or Erik does, I always kiss them good night.  Everytime I kiss her, she rubs her lips together and asks me, "You wearin' lipsick, Momma?"  To which I have to reply, "yes" or else she will ask me over and over until I say yes, because apparently I wear lipstick so much she feels I must be lying to her if I don't say I am wearing lipstick at bedtime.  I do wear Vaseline to bed, so that must be where she gets it.  

Walker usually climbs in bed and will start pointing at his CD player.  When you playfully ask, "What?" he says, "Shremember, put on my music."  I didn't misspell "remember" - Walker adds the "sh" to the word every time he says it.  Cracks me up.  He also says, "I sorgot" (forgot).  It is cute and something I cling to as "babyish" as he approaches age 5.

Just a side note about today - Walker wore his full cowboy get up today and as he sauntered into school, several mothers and his teacher commented on how good he looked.  Erik said he gave them all a look like, "I know I look good.  What else do you expect?"  Erik said it was really funny.  Knowing Walker, I know the look he gave them and I'm sure it was funny .  

Monday, January 19, 2009

Going for 6!

Going for 6!, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

The children pose for me real quick before the playoff game last night. Walker was reluctant - but he gave in. Maggie ran around the house yelling, "Here we go Steelers" and Will just chased her with the "terrible toddler towel." Papa would have been proud.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

more pink cheeks

more pink cheeks, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

We've been busy the last week! With all the snow, playing has been a great desire, but the freezing cold temperatures (below 10 degrees most days and that's not factoring in wind chills) have kept us indoors most days. Especially because Will does not really care for the snow. I'm sure this is due to several causes: Snow clothes are bulky and hard to walk in, they don't make snow boots his size so we layer him in socks and put him in the only boots we have that are not weather proof, and, most importantly, it is really stinking cold out there!

Maggie braved the cold - she wouldn't sled ride, but she watched Walker. They also managed to get in a quad ride one late afternoon. We took a trip to the PA State Farm Show in Harrisburg January 15-18 and had a blast. I've included some photos from the trip.

As always, if you want to see more photos of what we've been up to, check out my album at - or clicking on any of these photos will take you there.

To those of you that subscribe to updates, so sorry I junk up your box every time I add photos here. If it helps, I've linked the blog to facebook, so you can find updates there too.

Love and warmth to you all!

Quad ride

Quad ride, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Will doesn't like the snow.

Maggie attempts to do a snow angel

But she isn't heavy enough to break through the snow!

Will is on breakfast duty

The griddle isn't hot - it is many many minutes after breakfast has been served, the griddle is cool and Will decided he was done playing with toys and was going to cook himself some lunch. This kid is too smart!

Howdy Partner

Howdy Partner, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

We turned Walker into a cowboy this weekend buying him new cowboy boots, a hat and a new belt for his birthday coming up in a few weeks. he was so absolutely thrilled to get all of this stuff. However, that thrill didn't translate into a pretty photo. Not sure what this pose is, but it was the best of the bunch!

He really does look like a cowboy - especially because he's so skinny he doesn't fit into his clothes!


Momma!, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

We're not dairy folk

We're not dairy folk, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Day 1 - exhausted!

Day 1 - exhausted!, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

What happened while I was out of the room.

I went to the hotel lobby to look up restaurants on the complimentary computers. While I was gone, Maggie got into my purse and managed to take these incriminating photos of my youngest and the man who was supposed to be supervising them. Who do you think has the upper hand?

Tired on day 2

Tired on day 2, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Smaller version of daddy

Smaller version of daddy, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

International Harvester!

International Harvester!, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Walker has always favored red tractors, then when the song "International Harvester" came out he became a IH man.

Sorry about the cheezy smile. I swear I tried to get him to smile normally. Apparently, at the age of 4, a child loses the ability to smile normally for pictures.

Splitting a shake.

Splitting a shake., originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Take this cowboy home.

Take this cowboy home., originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.