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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Wedding and the Big Butler Fair

My sister, Enu, got married June 30 in a beautiful ceremony in my hometown.  Her wedding ceremony was at Starr Hill Winery  which is adjacent to our Papa's farm and then had her reception at the farm.  Here's a photo from her photographer, Jana Scott.  Talk about phenomenal!  If you are ever in Central PA and in need of a photographer, Jana is your gal!  She took amazing photos and was the kindest, most cooperative and practically invisible photographer I have ever seen!  I can't imagine that she took a bad photo all night!

I have not uploaded any of the photos that were taken at the wedding yet because:
1)  I have not looked through the 7349 photos that my children took using my camera.  (yes, fun mom allowed her children to use her very expensive DSLR at an outdoor reception with a concrete paver dance floor!)
2) My computer is occassionally going to the dreaded blue screen - I've been running repair programs and trying to be careful of what I do - and back it up daily, but all indicators seem to point to my hard drive is going to crash on me in the imminent future.  Therefore, I'm hesitant to upload 7349 photos to the computer before I can have the time to also upload them to a share site so if my hard drive crashes and my external hard drive breaks, I have the photos in cyber world.

But here are some that other people took and I borrowed.  Thanks to Michelle, Mallory, Sharon, Brittany and anyone else who took photos and I forgot to thank for stealing them!

The cocktail hour at my Papa's house.

My little flower girl before she got her arm bumped and dropped a meatball against the front of her dress!

 The bar at the tent

 Bride and groom cutting the cake

 The dessert table
 Announcing of the bridal party - Whit escorting Maggie

The port a john bathroom

 Dancing.  (See the meatball stain?  I got it out of the dress by the way!)

The potted herbs with place cards.

Erik and our brother in law JD getting the kids to the aisle to start the wedding!

 Will with Michael's sister, Mallory.  She is officially the love of his life.

Maggie and Olivia were dancing and Will says, "That is not how it's done!" and cut in and took over!

 Poor little Whittie had a fever that day and was not feeling so great.  But he looked ADORABLE!


 Dancing all by herself

Pucker Up!

 AH!  How I love this guy!  This was about 45 minutes after a dose of motrin to help with his fever and he was able to come out to the reception and play for a while and be in a good mood!

The wedding was such fun.  I really enjoyed getting all dressed up for this wedding even though I had a family of six to get ready.  I stayed at my Papa's house in the days prior and the day of the wedding, so I had lots of room to spread out our family and relax.  I was able to enjoy watching my sister get ready with her bridesmaids and watch my girl watch her aunt "glam" it up.  It was such a special memory!

Poor Maggie - we tried and tried and tried (literally, we curled her hair three separate times) in attempts to have her have curly hair - it did not work out the way we envisioned it.

Since we were able to get ready at a relatively leisurely pace, we were able to have a family photo taken.  This one was just taken with my cell phone so I am very excited to see what Jana was able to capture for us.  Unfortunately, my boys were not so happy about being photographed.  For some reason, posed portraits make Willie the grumpiest and most uncooperative boy imaginable and minutes to this photo being taken, Walker was grumping about his tie being too tight and choking him.  We won't get into the story of how Walker HATED his outfit for the wedding and when I suggested to my sister we try to find navy blue gingham ties to appease my oldest born.  That's a story I'll be saving for his first date!

Anyway, I think this little farm family cleans up pretty nicely.  It doesn't last long (see meatball stain) but for about an hour, we looked pretty dandy!

After all the wedding festivities were over, we had to rush home to get to the Butler Fair to show our goats on Monday.

It was a super hot day and we ALL had to show a goat.

Even me.

You see, we enter goats in everyone's names so that we can get free admission into the fair each day.  We also enter a few extra so we have a few extra passes.  In order to curb people doing this, the rules require each person with an entry to show the entry.  Therefore I had to show my entry.  We call her "Nuts" because she's never showed before and gets a little crazy on the halter.  She actually was very good for me and we took whopping 4th place out of four entries.

The kids did better with a Reserve Grand Champion title and several first place ribbons.

I still have to upload the photos of the show from my phone.

Guess I should have been spending the day uploading pictures instead of posting this!