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Thursday, February 19, 2009

My little lovies

My little lovies, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

I love these little buggers so much! I could kick myself every day for not taking more home movies of them - or not writing down all the wonderful and funny things they say.

Today, after the Y, we were driving home and Maggie asked me, "Momma, will you help me grow up?" It was so sweet.

Will is starting to talk more. He can say "please, thank you, excuse me, drink and stinky feet." He can say more, but that is really what I hear him say most days. We started a funny ritual of every time he has his diaper changed, he pushes his feet up in my face and I smell them and say "Pew! Stinky Feet!" He giggles every time. It never gets old for him.

Maggie is quite a pistol. She challenges us every day, but can still be quite the sweet heart. Her most adorable moment so far this week - she has a play baby harness - like a Snugli - that she puts her baby it. Each day of the week she has a new baby that she plays with. The last two days, she has put the ducky in the baby carrier and taken it on all of her "shopping expeditions" and last night and today at her nap she put the ducky in the carrier and gone to sleep with it.

Walker continues to grow up despite all of my efforts to keep him a little boy. I've faced facts - he's now a "big boy!" He had a blast in Kentucky with Erik at the National Farm Machinery Show and tractor pulls. He even got to buy a replica pulling sled and now we have regular tractor pulls here at the house. Today he was a great help at the grocery store and when I asked him if he would volunteer to get out of the shopping cart (we always get the fire truck shopping cart) and give it to Will, he did so willingly. I was able to hand him the groceries and he would put it in the cart. He was such a good boy.

Things are pretty slow around here on the farm. We've had some decent weather - no snow - so Erik has been working on projects around the house. His priorities and mine are a bit different, but he's getting them done - hopefully all will be done by spring when it is time to go back to work every day!

We're hoping to have some goat babies born soon too. Time is marching on and it will be summer before we know it. I'm looking forward to it, but am also apprehensive as this will be Walker's last summer before he starts school.

I'm going to go sob now . . .