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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brace Face & the Sibs

Walker got his expander and four braces put on today.  He needed the braces to pull some teeth together because he had two baby molars pulled (there are no adult teeth to replace them -which is a good thing given his extremely small mouth) and to straighten out the front teeth.  We have to turn the expander every other day for 20 times. 

He tells me he LOVES them.  

We'll see how he feels when he's not allowed to have gum, gummy bears, gummy worms, fruit snacks, lollipops, popcorn, etc!

He just ate a granola bar as an after school snack.  When he was finished, he wanted some wax on his braces and I told him to go brush his teeth.  He says, "Mom -mmmmmma!  The girl said I only need to brush after lu-unch!

He's tickled with the fact that he got to pick out the colors for his expander.  

As for the sibs, this one wants to be a dancer so very badly.  And she tries to pose like one all of the time.  Unfortunately, it doesn't come off as graceful as she imagines.

This one - well, he's on his way to being disowned.  He says he "wikes" the stuff in the red can.  Yuck!

Get out of town, kid.  This here's a Pepsi drinking household.  And as long as you're living under my roof, you'll be drinking what I say you will drink.  


This kid, well, he's a Tigga.   I like to pronounce Tigger like my niece, Liv does.  Those of you who know Liv, know she has some speech issues (which she will undoubtedly grow out of, ufortunately).  One of them, besides pronouncing the word, "Grandfather" as "DAM FODDER" (and yes, I do frequently ask her to pronounce that word) is that she sounds like she's from "New Yahk."

One day, we were watching a Pooh movie and she told me about "Tigga.  Aunt Den, him's a Tiga."  So now I always ask her about that cat in the Pooh movie that bounces.  

Hence, how I got to the fact that this boy is a "Tigga."