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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I don't have time to read a ton of blogs out there even though I would love to with regularity.  I've seen titles for some blogs that crack me up and ones that intrigue me.  I usually take a quick peek at them, but if I don't mark them immediately, I forget what they were and never get back to it.

The ones I do read with regularity, I have listed on my site.  One that was recently launched, I am very excited about, called "Doorposts" which their site describes as, "weekly character-building projects, along with other articles, book reviews, and occasional giveaways. Our goal is to build up parents, encourage Bible-centered parenting, and help you get to know Doorposts and our family better. We also look forward to your comments and input, as we discuss parenting ideas and questions!"

We've used some of their materials at church and I have really enjoyed them.  One that we try to utilize is the :

Brother Offended Checklist

  Based totally on Scripture, this cartoon-illustrated chart-and-book set outlines:
  • 9 steps for an offended person to follow
  • 5 steps to encourage the offender to confess and forsake his sin
  • 10 Scripture-based guidelines for parents when they must assume the role of judge in offenses.
  • Examples from lives in the Bible
  • What to do with a false witness
  • How to discipline a child who takes pleasure in getting another child in trouble
Includes a chart outlining steps for both parties, with Scripture and cartoon drawings, and a 28 page booklet giving further directions, ideas, and verses that apply. The booklet material can easily be incorporated into your family worship time.

Having this around helps us when our instinctual answer is to say "Because I said so!"  

Anyway, Doorposts just launched as Blog, so I wanted to share this in case anyone else was interested.