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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

go Enu, Go!

go Enu, Go!, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

This is my sister, Erin. She turned 26 last week. She has a very professional and responsible job at a major bank in the Pittsburgh area. Can you tell?

Nana's dressing room

Nana's dressing room, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Another picture of Maggie and Olivia playing with Nana's make-up. So cute!

The girls play with Nana's make-up

My mom just redecorated her bedroom and dressing room and thought it would be cute to hang pictures of the little girls playing with her make up and jewelry in her newly decorated dressing room. They did a pretty good job of playing it up for the camera.

No, me first!

No, me first!, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Walker, Christopher, and Michael enjoyed the slip n slide too. They had such a great time playing with each other and "competing." They were such good sports even though they didn't slide very far on their attempts.

Maggie on the giant slip n slide!

, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

We were at my moms for the weekend and we had planned a party for my sister, Erin, for her 26th birthday. My youngest sister, Lara, with the help from some friends, managed to create a 100 foot slip n slide out of plastic. Everyone loved it. It was hard to keep the entire surface wet the whole time, but that did not deter Maggie. When she stopped sliding down the plastic, she would army crawl the length. She was determined to use the entire length of plastic. What a trooper! She was very tired at nap time though!