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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maggie turns 3

Maggie turns 3, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

We celebrated Maggie's birthday on Sunday at my moms with my family. It was a lovely day. We shared the day with little Livy who turned two and Maggie & my mom share the same birthday of March 16. My sister coordinated a great little party complete with all the girly girl fixins. Everything looked great and I think everyone had a great time too. It was a beautiful day so the "big" boys were able to skip the girlie party things and play hunting outside.

This picture looks so unnatural, but I love it. It just is Maggie. She brings such joy to my life - like all of my children do. I don't feel the urgent sadness of her growing up as much as I do the boys for some reason - my guess? Because of the saying, "A daughter is your daughter for all of her life, a son is your son until he takes a wife" - I am confident that Maggie & I will always have a strong relationship.

I was so excited that Maggie allowed me to curl her hair and get her all gussied up for the party. I even painted her toenails to show through her peep toe shoes - she was thrilled! I didn't paint her fingernails because I planned on taking her to have a manicure on Monday - her actual birthday - but typical Maggie, she refused to go once we started on our way. Instead, we went to Walmart, did some shopping, and bought polish and did home manicures. As I kissed her goodnight last night, she hugged my neck, her warm breath on my cheek, "Thank you, Momma, for buying my finganail poldish." Melts my heart that she found that to be so special to thank me.

The last two days, she has been going through her new clothes and removing the tags and trying everything on. She spent most of yesterday and this morning in a bathing suit. Every day is a fashion surprise with Maggie May.

Happy Birthday, angel. I love you bunches!

I hate it when everyone stares at me!

Maggie isn't quite sure what to do with everyone singing to her.