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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween at the Clearview Mall

Last night was trick or treat at the local mall.  The children got all dressed up - Walker wanted to be a cowboy and I have to say he really fit the part.  All muscle and wranglers - his chaps and vest were adorable and very affordable. He even thought to bring his stick horse to complete the outfit.  Maggie wanted to be a princess but chose a fairy costume.  We just said she was a princess.  I bought Will his skunk costume last year on clearance and he looked so adorable.  When he would crawl around the ground he really looked like a skunk.  A sweet smelling one at that!

Will is a skunk

Will is a skunk, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Maggie in a fairy costume saying she's a princess!

Cowboy and his horse

Cowboy and his horse, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Will always has his ankles crossed

Little Willie's feet. I love those baby toes.

Morning ritual

Morning ritual, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

This is how my children start each morning - well, except for Will - he was "planted" in this photo and was sitting still only because the "Hot Diggedy Dog" song was on and he loves that song. However, Maggie & Walker LOVE Disney in the morning - and since I am not a morning person, I love it too. I let them watch a show while I get clothes gathered up, beds made and myself ready.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Makeshift corral for Dolly Madison

My kids are nothing if not creative. This is the corral Walker created to keep Dolly Madison on the chair. Is this kitten not the cutest thing you've ever seen? Besides my children of course . . .

The cousins

The cousins, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

This is gang in the adorable t-shirts Aunt Julia made. Do they look tired?

Baby books

So I'm cleaning up my desk (ha) and went through the kids baby books.  Here's the rundown of my kids and their dad at age 1:

                          Erik            Walker            Maggie          Will
Height              30 1/8"       30"                 29 2/8"           30"
Weight           19 lb 11 oz     19 lb 6 oz       19 lb 8 oz        19lb 4oz.

Isn't it crazy how similar in size they all were???  Mom, you're going to have to look up my baby stuff!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hot diggidy dog!

We had such a lazy weekend.  Saturday, we woke up to cold and rain, so we just putted around the house.  The children played so well - Erik & I did what we wanted to do - I made bows for Maggie and read a book - Erik explored the internet.  The kids were so good!  Around 2, Taylor & Chet came over and stayed with us for a while.  Aunt Julia made the kids cool tie-dyed halloween tee shirts - which they all sported for a while.  After supper, we took the kids spotting deer.  Yes, we are a true red-neck family!  It was funny to hear them saying they saw deer that weren't there and they all took turns holding the binoculars to "look for more deers."  

Sunday, Erik took us to Living Treasures animal park where we were able to feed some llamas, ponies, etc., and also were up close and personal with Lions.  They were separated from us by only a what seemed to be mighty thin piece of plexiglass.  The children loved feeding the animals and Maggie thought the mini deer were so cute.  Will squealed with delight at every exhibit and loved having his fingers nibbled on.  (Yes, we all washed our hands extra good at the provided wash stations).  

After the animal park, we headed further north to feed the carp at Lake Pymatuning.  We had read that feeding the fish was prohibited so we didn't take any stale bread - but people were there still feeding.  A very nice man offered Walker and Maggie some slices and Walker threw pieces up in the air and the gulls would swoop down to catch them.  Maggie just threw her bread in to the duckies.  Those carp are so gross!  There was one that had to be 3 feet long and its mouth was like 6 inches in diameter.  So gross!

All in all a very nice weekend.  As we were driving home, we went through an area that Walker recognized as a place he had gone with Erik and his Uncle Travis to learn to castrate pigs.  Erik referred to the place as "where we went to learn to cut pigs."  And Walker corrected him and said, "No dad, it's where we cas-ter-ated pigs."  How does such a little guy remember such big words.  Also on the way home, we listened to the Mickey Mouse clubhouse closing song "Hot Dog"and Will actually started to sing along - he sang "hot dog" and bobbed his head with the music.  Say what you want, believe me or not, but I swear the boy was singing.  

Will actually talks a lot - he just points and talks.  It is a lot of fun to try to decipher what he is saying.  he says dog, cat, goat, bro(ther).  It is so much fun to watch him grow.  He has definitely turned into a toddler now.  He is choosing to walk more often than crawl and is toddling around like a champ.

Maggie continues to torture Dolly Madison.  Poor cat is being carried around like a doll.  And then Will chases them both.  It annoys Maggie to no end.

Walker really wants to be the boss of everyone now.  He tells us all what to do and has become very literal with his interpretations of what people say to him.  If I say, "Get out of town," he has to think it over to see if I really mean it.  He has grown so much and is so handsome.  I was looking through pictures a few days ago and since March he has thinned out.  If that is even possible for a kid that is skinny to begin with.

Tomorrow we do trick or treat at the local mall.  Check back for pictures!