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Monday, July 21, 2008

Curwensville Days

I couldn't resist taking some pictures of some of the parade marchers. Something about those little baby girls in those cute dance/twirl costumes just makes me smile. One of the all time favorite sites of the parade is the shriner band - of which my dad is a part. Preceding the band is a man in a motorized bicycle type thing with a "snake" basket and he rides along the crowd and every so often lifts the lid on the basket and allows him to spray the audience with "venom"/water. The kids are scared at first, but then they laugh. Fun times.

Curwensville Days

I just thought it would be fun to share some photos of my hometown parade. It was so short compared to the parades I remember of my childhood - but my children and cousins and niece and nephew enjoyed it. And brought home about 10 pounds of candy each. I think this candy throwing at parades is part of a secret conspiracy by dentists. They have secret meetings and decide to anonymously donate candy to Boy Scout troops, ball leagues and other community organizations. One perk - most of the fire companies threw those push pop popsicles. My cousin, Brandon thought this was just amazing. His face was so funny.

Our brave girl

Maggie scared the #$@& out of me Sunday. We were swimming and she decided she wanted to go down the slide. We kept saying, "wait for Daddy, wait for Daddy" and she didn't! Erik was working his way to the water, I was busy finding my camera to capture Maggie's first attempt at the slide, good mother that I am, and then all of a sudden, waiting for Daddy became too much of an inconvenience! She let go of the rail, scooted her butt forward and WHOOSH! she was in the water! Of course I did the typical mom thing, sucked my breath in so hard that the branches on the trees were pulled in my direction, and then yelled - Okay - "screeched" ERIK!!!! He jumped in as Maggie came up sputtering. Thankfully I had the sense of mind to put down the camera and start clapping and yelling "Yay Maggie!! you're such a big girl! You're so brave!" So instead of being afraid, she became proud and said, "more times, Dada." Oh, relief! So, she got back on the slide but this time she wanted me to hold her hand as she went down. So, the only pictures I was able to get was of her at the top of the slide, splash landing in the water, and being held by Daddy after impact. Our brave, brave girl. Oh, and for those of you not impressed - Maggie is only 2 years old! Not even 2 1/2 years old either! Ok, maybe I'm only impressed because I am a chicken and even I won't go down the slide.

After a week of braving the diving board, Walker decided to add to his swimming adventures by going off the sliding board. Of course, this was spurred by the fact that his sister went down the slide first. They both were real champs about it and although aren't sold on the fun of the slide, were very brave and good sports. I love the look of panic on his face!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Does it look like I am enjoying the pool?"

, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Maggie and cousin Olivia sport matching bathing suits courtesy of Nana.

, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Walker was playing baseball with my Dad and cousin Chris. He was giggling too hard to hit the ball. Chris has an unsatiable need to play baseball. He is OBSESSED! I seriously do not know how my sister Katie keeps up with his obsession and I give her so much credit for not disposing the house of all evidence the game exists. In fact, they signed Chris up for T-ball. So, today, Walker tells his dad he has learned to catch better because he was playing ball with Chris during our recent trip to my moms house and then he looks pointedly at me and says, "Well, I can't play T-ball because my mom won't sign me up for it." HE NEVER EVEN ASKED TO!!! Can you believe it - I am already being labeled as a bad mother!

One Crazy Day

, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

I took this picture a few days ago at my Papa's pool in my hometown. On that particular day - all, except one, of my Papa's grandchildren and great grandchildren had been swimming at his house for all or part of the day. Wow!