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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Littler Sister

My littler sister, the third Wiggins girl, is getting married in 24 days.

As usual, I'm feeling nostalgic as the big day approaches.  FYI, I'm letting nostalgia take over my other emotions like panic, fear, and STRESS as I still have not found fabric to re-line the dress I bought because it is one of those weird ones that has the lining to the knee but a sheer overlay that goes to the floor, which I DO NOT like but it is the style, color and fit that I love, so I am hoping to fix the lining issue, especially since I want to wear a long dress.

Things I also do not have done:
Shoes for Whitaker
A strapless bra
A slip for Maggie
Rehearsal dinner outfits for any of my family
Manicure and pedicures for me and Maggie
Any remote idea of how I plan to wear my hair for the wedding
Shoes for me
An appointment to get my dress re-lined with a reputable seamstress!

But, that is another story.  Tonight I succumb to the nostalgia as I look at these pictures of my sweet little sister, Enu as our family calls her.

Enu is our blue-eyed baby.  My Grammie called her that from the minute she was born.  She has grown from a shy, mama's girl to a beautiful young woman, inside and out.
Enu with our mama.

She's hardworking, determined and sweet, caring, loving and generous.  She's sensible with a frivolous side and you wouldn't guess it but she has an adventurous side too.  She hides her emotion but they run deep.  She had a rare illness when she was in 5th grade that left her with a propensity to swoon at the sight (or mention) of blood or hospitals.  She loves fiercely and is loved the same.

Sometimes people mistake her and my littlest sister for twins.  For the record, they are not.

She is probably the sister who is most like me.  I should say the sister I used to me most like only because being married to an unpredictable, non-scheduled, "no-one-will-have-a -problem-with-that" kind of a man has stripped me of almost every Type A personality, OCD, organized, thorough and meticulous trait I ever had.  I haven't known what it is to be on time to a function in over 10 years!

She's who I thought I was going to be until I fell in love with a country boy and moved to a farm.  She has it more together than I every will.

We recently had her bridal shower at my grandfather's home in our hometown.  It was a beautiful event coordinated and executed my my little sister (Kate) and littlest sister (Lara, seen above).   Although it was unreasonably hot, it was a lovely day and Enu had a chance to visit with friends and family who were all wishing her the best as she prepares for marriage.  It was delightful to see the groom's family and my family gathering to celebrate Enu and Michael's love.

It was also a lot of fun to see Enu, Lara and their girlfriends hanging out together.  As I listened to them talk about adult things, I couldn't help but see the girls when they were little - it seemed strange to hear them discussing grown up things since it feels like yesterday that they were still playing Barbies and jumping on the trampoline.  I was all grown up through most of Enu's teen and young adult years.  I missed seeing her grow up but I am blessed that I can call her a friend now that we are both adults.

I don't know if she remembers this (probably not because her memory is worse than mine!) but when I was pregnant with Will, I had a lot of trepidation about telling people I was pregnant.  Maggie hadn't even turned a year old when I got pregnant and although I waited a while to tell everyone, I knew the reactions were not going to be as joyful as the previous two.  There was lots of concern over the fact that Maggie and the new baby would be so close together in age.  When I told Enu about being pregnant, she was so happy and told me that she thought that it was wonderful that my kids were going to be so close in age.  She said that sometimes she felt we (us four sisters) missed out because there were such age gaps between us.  Her warmth and affection in that moment was exactly what I needed and I am forever grateful that she was able to give me exactly what I needed emotionally at that time.  Her positivity really helped turn my fears around and reassured me that the closeness in age between Maggie and Will wasn't going to be a problem.  And you know what?  It never was!

Erin recently shared another lovely compliment with me.  I'm not going to repeat it but it was perhaps the nicest compliment anyone had ever given me.   Coincidentally (although there are no such things as coincidences), her words came on a day when I really needed some positive affirmation.

Thank you, Enu, for being there when I really needed you.  I hope that along the line, I am able to give you the same gifts you gave me.   I love you and wish you an eternity of happiness and love.

 With the Flower girls.

 My sisters and mother.

 The flower girls take a break from the shower festivities and put their feet in the pool.

My beautiful  Maggie May.  25 years ago,  this is almost exactly what Enu looked like. It would be my honor and privilege if my baby girl grew up to be exactly like her Aunt Enu.   

Sweet little girls watching the bride open her gifts.

 Livy Lou having a spot of tea.