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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rainy days and Sundays . . .

I just thought that was a funny title since it has been so rainy here - and I am a little down today.  Mostly because I am tired.  Poor little Willie J had a temperature yesterday - I blame it on teething (I can see those huge red bumps of eye teeth straining against his gums) but I think there is also an early fall cold going around.  Poor little guy woke up around midnight and couldn't get settled back to sleep - I brought him into bed w/ me and at 1 am, Maggie joined us.  That woke poor Willie up, so he and I went downstairs for a dose of Tylenol and a couch cuddle - when I thought he was asleep, I carried him upstairs, laid him down, moved Maggie back to her room, but Will was not asleep and could not get settled for another hour.  We both finally fell asleep (I ended up nursing him after 1/2 hour of tossing) and then Maggie joined us again at 4 am.  UGH!  Luckily, they are both now napping and I may take a little snooze myself.  

Walker is at the Fall Festival (they used to call it the Ethnic Festival) in Butler today, helping out at the deli.  Thankfully, Shelly called this morning and asked if he could join her.  He will have a blast and get some energy spent waiting on customers and cleaning tables.  He loves to work and today would have been so boring spent all day inside.  

I took some pictures of Maggie & Will playing this morning - they were playing with the cash register.  Will saw how Maggie was speaking into the microphone and he imitated her.

Unfortunately, they don't know how to not put the entire microphone in their mouth when using it.  Eew - gross!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rural myths and legends

So, I'm in my car about to leave for my Bible study this morning when all of a sudden I hear scraping under my feet and a big "thump, thump, thump."  Somewhat frightened, but aware that in all likelyhood it is an actual pet under my car, I jump out and take a peek.  And I find this . . .

I'm not sure how much exactly Rocco weighs, but I'm guessing at least a good 150?  How he managed to crawl under my vehicle in the first place. . . ?  And now I wonder, was he there all night?  Did he craw under at the storm at 4 am and get stuck there?  I did hear the dogs barking a lot at the storm - but maybe it was him barking, "Help!  I've gotten stuck under a car!  Someone help me!"  Oiy yoi yoi. I am positive that this is how "urban" - well around here we have to call them "rural" legends of creatures hanging from the undercarriage of the car follow you around then when you least expect it POP out and murder you.  Or something to that nature at least.  Had I been getting into my car in the dead of night, there is no way after hearing that I would have stopped and looked.  I would have gunned the engine in reverse hoping to lose whatever had latched itself onto my car.  Ugh, I shudder at the thought.  It is really scary out here at night.  Especially since our dogs, trained to know us, don't bark or move when we are outside in the night, then all of a sudden, something wet is in your hand!  AHHHHH!!   STUPID DOG!  YOU SCARED  ME!!  And now that you're here you have to walk with  me all the way out to the garage and back so I can get eggs for breakfast tomorrow.   Stupid dog.  

But not really. We do really love our dogs around here.  They are good friends and faithful servants - as pesky as they may seem at times, we really would be lost without them.  

Now for a different rural myth . . .  The case of "Happily Ever After."  It does exist and we have proof with the celebration of Erik's grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.
This is Ches & Billie feeding each other cake that my talented sister in law Julia made.

Can you even imagine?  Some days I think I'll be lucky to make it to age 60!  Chester & Billie 
(Helen is her real name) have 3 children, Bob, Shelly and Ron.  Shown here from left, Ron & his wife, Alidra, Shelly & her husband, Bill (my in-laws) and Bob & his wife, Bonnie.

Shown here are some of the grandchildren:  from left, Travis & his wife, Julia.  Jennifer, married to Erik.  April and her husband Jeff, Velvet & her husband, Chad.  Somehow the other married couple, Jon and his wife Courtney, escaped this photo.  Also missing are Brynn & Cory, unable to fly East for the party.   

Finally, the great grandchildren . . .
Four of them (Erik, April, Travis, and Velvet) have produced 10 great grandchildren!   From Left:  Walker & Maggie Schwalm - Maggie is in the light pink dress standing in front; On Grandma's lap Taylor Schwalm, daughter of Travis & Julia, and Haley Henry, daughter of Velvet & Chad, Standing, Chet Schwalm, son of Travis & Julia, Caleb (sitting) & Ian (leaning) Burke, sons of April & Jeff Burke. Above them in the polka dot dress is their sister, Grace.  In GP's arms are Edward Henry, son of Velvet & Chad, and Will Schwalm, son of Erik & Jennifer.  

What a crew.  Anyone notice all the namesakes?  

Walker is their surname (Chet & Billie Walker), Chet is short for Chester (GP is called Ches) and Edward is Ches's dad's name, and Grace is Ches's mom's name.  Sweet, huh?