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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rainy days and Sundays . . .

I just thought that was a funny title since it has been so rainy here - and I am a little down today.  Mostly because I am tired.  Poor little Willie J had a temperature yesterday - I blame it on teething (I can see those huge red bumps of eye teeth straining against his gums) but I think there is also an early fall cold going around.  Poor little guy woke up around midnight and couldn't get settled back to sleep - I brought him into bed w/ me and at 1 am, Maggie joined us.  That woke poor Willie up, so he and I went downstairs for a dose of Tylenol and a couch cuddle - when I thought he was asleep, I carried him upstairs, laid him down, moved Maggie back to her room, but Will was not asleep and could not get settled for another hour.  We both finally fell asleep (I ended up nursing him after 1/2 hour of tossing) and then Maggie joined us again at 4 am.  UGH!  Luckily, they are both now napping and I may take a little snooze myself.  

Walker is at the Fall Festival (they used to call it the Ethnic Festival) in Butler today, helping out at the deli.  Thankfully, Shelly called this morning and asked if he could join her.  He will have a blast and get some energy spent waiting on customers and cleaning tables.  He loves to work and today would have been so boring spent all day inside.  

I took some pictures of Maggie & Will playing this morning - they were playing with the cash register.  Will saw how Maggie was speaking into the microphone and he imitated her.

Unfortunately, they don't know how to not put the entire microphone in their mouth when using it.  Eew - gross!

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