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Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's a great day at Goodness Grows Farm

It is a great day here at Goodness Grows Farm. Well, except for the fact that Will got up at ten to seven. And that I had to get up at 7:50 because Erik went downstairs and Maggie woke up and woke me up because she wanted to get dressed and eat. But, I got a lot done this morning. Last night before bed I felt totally overwhelmed because I had so much laundry to do - actually, the doing the laundry doesn't bother me - it is the folding it and putting it away that I can't stand! Walker had wet his bed two nights ago, so I still had sheets to put on the bed (luckily there is a spare bed in the boys room, so Walker slept in that last night) and I had I'm ashamed to say, FOUR baskets of laundry - 2 to be put away and 2 to be folded and put away. Then, this morning as I was getting the little two out of my bed, Will burped and threw up all over our sheets - so I had yet another set of linens to wash. Luckily, Erik played with Will & Maggie while I did the laundry and went back upstairs to put it all away. All that is left to put away is the boys clothes b/c Will was asleep by the time I got to their stuff.

Last night Erik took the kids to the rodeo and left me home with Willie J. We had a nice evening together - and Will even managed to get in some reading time.

Despite all the laundry, we had some cute moments here today. Erik is in the process of brush hogging (mowing) some of our fields our lots that we have for sale. Some folks are interested in the lots, so they wanted to see it mowed. Maggie & Walker tagged along with him today - Walker found lots of black berries and picked us a cup full. Maggie just followed along with her baby. She is so into role playing mommy.

So, a few pictures to document our day:

Because the kids got home from the Rodeo so late, we just let them sleep in their clothes. Except they always like to take off their pants when they sleep. So, here is how Walker woke up this morning.

Wanting to play . . .


On his tractor.


"No shoes, No Shirt, No Service . . . NO PROBLEM!"

And our resident movie star cow-girl . . . Heaven forbid she be seen without her glasses. Are the Paps going to be taking pictures of her like this someday?
And my sweet
Willie J

Before breakfast on the left and after breakfast on the right. He needed a bath - and decided to have a spot of tea during his tubby.

My farmers. Working so hard Maggie May fell asleep in her daddy's arms. She's a good momma - still clutching her baby.
Goodness, everyone sure is growin' fast 'round these parts. I'm not sure if I'm emotionally prepared for all this growin' up!


  1. Is that Katie Holmes and Suri? Nope Maggie and her baby..