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Friday, August 22, 2008

We are now mac users

Well, I did it.  I walked right into that apple store and bought an imac.  And during the checkout process I had heart palpitations.  It was my first charge card purchase in almost 2 years.  I regretted it instantly but only for a second.

Now I am looking at a 24 inch screen and at the dinky PC screen next to it and wondering why I was so scared.   What a difference.  I'm a little intimidated by all that I don't know, but I signed up for one on one classes at the apple store and will be learning all kinds of good stuff there.  I can't wait.  Now I just have to begin the process of transferring things from my PC to the mac.  Not much, really, just songs and pictures, which shouldn't be hard.  

We went to the Aviary today with our new friends, the Browns, and we had a lovely time.  My children were all extremely well behaved and did their momma proud.  We saw a bunch of neat birds and the impressive bald eagles and he stellar sea-eagle.  Very cool.  We also saw pygmie falcons sitting on eggs.  It was quite comical peering in at her in her box then she would sit up and squawk at you if she thought you were too close.   I forgot to bring my camera - I know, what was I thinking? so I don't have any pictures.  But I'm sure the Brown's will send me some soon.

I'm so excited - I'm leaving to explore more on my mac!

1 comment:

  1. that's fun.

    if there's anything you can't figure out, we're more than happy to help. usually whatever you're trying to figure out is 10 times simpler than you would have done the same thing on a PC. most people have to unlearn the complicated ways of windows.

    we can also do screen sharing if you ever want anything shown to you without us being there.