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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The "Hoopty Cough"

We've got the Post-Farm Show Hoopty Cough at our house.

For those of you that don't know, the Hoopty Cough is that deep, chest rattling, bone jarring, head pounding, voice hoarsing seal-like bark that affects many people this time of year.  

I made the colossal mistake of saying to Erik, "You know, here it is mid-January and no one has been sick!"

The next day I noticed a weight depositing on my chest.  It got heavier and heavier throughout  Monday but I kept fighting it off because I had a Kindergarten meet and greet to attend with Maggie, and a double date with new friends Monday night.  It got so bad I even dragged our new friends to Target Pharmacy for some Mucinex DM!

Despite my best efforts to avoid it,  I woke up Tuesday morning still fighting, but by mid afternoon, I had developed the full-fledged syndrome along with a fever, chills, body aches - well, you probably know what it is like.    

No one else seemed to have any symptoms, so I thought I had avoided spreading it but late yesterday afternoon, right about the time I was feeling better, the rest of the house started showing symptoms.  

This little guy is sick, but you'd never know it.  The poor fella even vomited all over me last night then looked up at me with that big four tooth grin!  

This gal told me she was worried because her voice sounded different.  And it did.  It sounds a lot like mine - like there's something stuck in her throat.  I told her that we had frogs struck in our throat.  Now she wants to know how frogs got into our throats.

 This boy may or may not be sick.  He won't sit still, so I can't tell if his too-warm-to-the-touch face and body is from that or from an actual fever.  He keeps telling me that various parts of his body hurt so I will give him cough drops.  The boys knees hurt "reawry bad, Momma.  Serioiuswy!"

I feel the worst for this boy.  When he is sick, it shows.  He gets pasty white, he gets dark circle under his eyes, and he truly just lays around.  Usually when given the opportunity to watch TV, I often find him wiggling and jiggling and playing with other things while he watches.  Today, I hooked up the TV in his room for him so he could stay in his bed, and he was still.  Poor guy.  

Everyone has been appropriately dosed with acetaminophen and is resting quietly watching the TV shows they aren't usually able to watch during the day. 

I'll be catching up on everything I didn't feel well enough to get to the last few days.

And spraying the house down with Lysol.

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