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Friday, August 8, 2008

Too cute to not blog right away

So Maggie has discovered Barbie dolls. Someone has passed along to us a case with a few Barbies in it as well as some great accessories. Maggie has taken an interest today in dressing and undressing them and having me put their shoes on them so they can, according to Maggie, Walk, walk, walk, walk.

I just put shoes (mismatched ones at that) and Maggie took the Barbie back - which, from this point we will refer to "Barbie" as "Girl" because that is what Maggie calls her as in, Here momma, dress girl for Maggie.

So, I hand her back girl and she looks at her and points to her chest and says, Beeahs, Momma. For those of you not familiar with this particular Schwalmism, Beeah is the word Walker made up as a two year old for breast. I don't know how he came up with it, but when I nursed Maggie, that is what he called them. And it stuck. It's not such a bad thing - when we are in public and my children are referring to that particular body part, no one knows what they are saying. Maggie is frequently known to shout Momma, Will wants beeah! in public when Will starts to cry.

So, Maggie all of a sudden starts looking at girl and points to her chest and says, Beeah, Momma. I casually say, Yes, Maggie.

Maggie then says, Lots of milk in girl beeahs, Momma? She then proceeds to go through the Barbie doll case to "find baby for Girl to feed".

How do you not laugh at that. And I guess with that, the protesters of Barbie dolls win their argument that Barbie is not a good role model for body image.

Ok, I gotta leave the room before I get sucked into playing Barbie anymore. Maggie is obsessed with removing Barbie's clothing and making me re-dress her.

Uh-oh - just heard, "Help me pease, Momma?" Barbie needs a new outfit!

Will is not having any more of this Beeah talk. He is embarrassed!

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