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Friday, August 8, 2008

How Typical

So, yesterday morning, Erik says, Today is the bicycle races up at the Farm Show. I'll be back at 12:00 and we'll take Walker up to participate.

So I get everyone ready and we get the bike in the truck. We even invited our wonderful neighbor, Donna, and she came too. As usual, we were running a bit late, so Erik grabs Walker and says, We'll go register and we'll meet you over there.

As I'm walking toward the track, I'm thinking There really isn't a lot of people here. We get into the track and no one is there. Turns out, my husband read the date wrong and the bicycle race was Wednesday, and we missed it.


We'll get them next year. I'll spend the winter training Walker and he'll ride his bike so fast he'll win all the awards.

Or, we'll take it easy, next year will roll around, we'll look at the calendar and decide the day of to participate in the event.


Check back tonight or tomorrow - we're heading up to the farm show later to "ride the rides!" This ought to be fun.

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