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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spitting Image

Erik took the older of the children to the Farm Show tonight and I got to spend alone time with Will.

My first realization was that Will is approaching 10 months. 10 MONTHS!! What??? Where did the time go? Where is my baby going??? I am so sad!

I was watching him play and he was pushing a truck on the floor just like a big boy. He even made attempts at truck like noises. I started taking some pictures of him and he noticed and every so often, he would have this look on his face
I'm not looking at you, Momma! Go ahead and try to get me to look!

He knew I was taking his picture but wouldn't look at me! So smart!!

So many people tell me Will is the spitting image of Walker - Walker is so adorable, so it isn't the worst thing in the world to look like him. But, I pulled out some photos for a comparison. They are all about the same age.

First: Walker

He's about 11 months here, so a bit older than Will now.

Next, Maggie:When did Maggie look so much like a boy?? Why don't I remember that?? Was I so wrapped up in her that I didn't realize she looked like that? Oh, Maggie May, Momma is so sorry! Believe me though - you won't realize you are doing this to your child - it just happens. And I'll pay for your therapy. I promise.

There are similarities between Walker & Maggie, but nothing that would confuse the two.

Now Will from today:
How cute is he and how grown up does he look? I immediately put him in a white onesie - the universal piece of clothing to instantly "babify" an older infant - like Will. He immediately lost about 2 months from his age. Whew - I was scared there for a minute. Oh, but wait, the minute I snapped the last snap and let him down, he started crawling the steps. Stop it, Will! I said STOP IT! You are not allowed to grow up!

None of them listen to me!

And Walker & Will side by side:

I don't know - you decide. I think they look A LOT a like. Too much almost.

Like I said in a previous post. If these guys continue to grow like they are I will not be the only woman to have my heart broken by them.

I am foreseeing a future for them - one where folks ALWAYS confuse them for each other. Kind of like my last visit to my hometown last week - My sister, Katie & I were walking around the fair with our mom - we walked past a woman that I recognized but couldn't place right away - Kate was in front of me and I saw the woman mouth something to her, but Katie kept on walking. I then walked past and the woman said, "Hi Katie." Ok, so it wasn't the most polite thing to do, but A) I couldn't place where this woman would know me aka my sister from, and B) I never expect anyone to know me (or to really be honest, know anyone). I'm not really sure why - especially in my very small hometown, but I guess it has to do with perpetually being mis-identified as my mom or my sister. Of course, I don't think any of us look alike - but apparently I am the only person who thinks that because any time I am in my hometown area, I am confused for my mom or sister.

Anyway, I do imagine that Walker and Will are going to be confused for each other a lot as they grow up. I just hope they don't use it like twins do and pretend to be each other.

I also foresee a day when people will come up to me and tell me how handsome my boys are. Ugh - I can't take it!

And not to leave out Maggie - I know people will tell me how beautiful she is too. She already is. My little sass. The last two days, she's taken to randomly hugging me and saying, Love you too, Momma. How adorable is that?

I'm so blessed to have these precious, precious children. I thank God everyday for this joy. Thank him for me next time you talk to Him too.


  1. jen - will(bur) is growing up too fast!! That close up pic. of him is so weird.. he looks like he's a big boy!!

    The comparison pictures though - I think Walker and Will look so much alike, but they have small differences.. Once they get to be teenagers and are about the same size they will really get the look-a-like stuff that Enu and I get. When we went to Florida last year, some one on the plane actually asked us if were twins!!

    btw.. it's your sister.. ya know, Lara.. the only one that cares enough to post comments on your blog about your children.. b/c I love them more than their other aunts do.

  2. I know, Lara, you love my kids more than the rest of our sisters.

    Are you surprised people mistake you and Enu as twins? I'm not - I thought it happened a lot more than it did.

    I, of course, maintain, that none of us look alike, and we do not look "exactly" like our mother.