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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Technology frustration

So, in all my experience in working with computers, photography and the like, everyone has always advised, "Don't store your photos on your hard-drive. Hard drives crash and then you have nothing!" So periodically, I go through and burn my photos to a CD. I did that for my July photos the other day and now only half of the files are there on the disc. I am confused because I ALWAYS check the disc for the photos before I erase them from the hard drive. I popped in the disc and BAM they were there. Today, when I was attempting to bring up some of those photos, they were gone!!

Is anyone out there computer savvy?? Can you help me or offer some rational explanation as to what happened?

I'm saddest about the fact that I lost the 3 pictures I took of Walker at his first concert. Luckily, I had blogged it, but they were such cute pictures.

On a less "pity-me" note, Will has been such a bugger today. I think he knows just how to push his sister's buttons because she has been at her wits end with him all day. If I hear, "No, no, Willie James, no, no!" one more time, I may have to change Will's name!

So, all of you out there who have already told me, I freely admit, "YES! I HAVE MY HANDS FULL!" But I wouldn't want it any other way.

How can you not love these faces?

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