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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This week is flying by!

I can hardly believe it is Wednesday already! Where does time go?

We've been busy around here. Last night we took chickens to the butcher so we can have nice fresh, farm raised chicken - no hormones! I'm excited. We have to pick them up tonight and we'll probably have chicken tomorrow for supper. YUM!

I have a photo shoot scheduled this afternoon. I'm excited to be doing some work again. It's been forever since I did anyones photos besides my family.

My funny story for the day is this. On Sunday, we were watching the Olympics - the gymnastics, of course. How do those girls do the things they do? Anyhoo, Maggie was enthralled with them. Any of you that know Maggie know she doesn't sit still to watch TV (and as I type this she is watching her first ever full length episode of Little Einsteins - usually she watches the opening song and then shouts, "Done!") so her sitting and watching the Olympics was a feat of Olympic proportions in itself. When one of the girls would finish her routine, she would yell, "More times! More times!" meaning she wanted to see another gymnast. After a while I said, "You know Maggie, little girls can take lessons and learn how to do that. Would you like to take lessons and learn how to do flips like those girls?"

Maggie's response, "Yes, Momma. And me wear my swimmin' suit?"

She thinks the gymnasts are wearing their swimming suits as uniforms.

I'm not sure any of these looks are very patriotic - or Olympic inspiring. I think the first look she has confused the summer and winter Olympics. I think in the pose on the steps she has her "I stuck the landing" look down. Tah-Dah!

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  1. YES!!! Let Maggie take gymnastics - and then when I prep her for Cheerleading she'll be so awesome!!!

    it's Lara again BTW

    I used to have a blogger profile cause i had to do it for school once..maybe i'll figure it out and use it again.