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Friday, August 15, 2008

Miracle on Heller Road: The Tale of the Carnie Fish

It was the weirdest thing.

Well, let me back track first.

Last Friday at the Farm Show, we won 3 fish.

One fish died the first night in our home. Since then, I've managed to keep the other two fish alive by rotating them between two mason jars filled with well water.

Today, I was in the kitchen and all of a sudden I noticed one of the fish floating on the top of the water. It was the ONLY fish in the mason jar!

I looked around and lying on the kitchen counter was the other fish. Assumming it was a goner (I know, I know - what happens when you assume) I went and got the camera to take a picture of it because who knew, like the Great White Sharks off the African coast, simple, everyday gold fish can LEAP out of the water in search of their prey.

The result:
Could the fish see the food sitting outside the jar and was he/she trying to reach it?

What possible reason did this fish have for leaping out of its perfectly nice mason jar home?

See, here it is in close up - and as I'm taking this picture close-up-ish of the dead fish on the counter because I thought it was so unique and unusual
The gills start to move!
That's right folks! The fish was breathing outside of water.

Since I did not know the Guiness World Record number off hand, I quickly filled the other mason jar with water and threw the fish into the new water. And it is still ALIVE!! As you can see here!

Just call me the fish whisperer.

Maggie was there to witness it all - eating a piece of peanut butter toast. Well, more accurately, licking the peanut butter off of a piece of toast. She was not too impressed with the death and is not too upset over the loss of the fish. When the first one died, Walker declared that one was Will's fish. Now I suppose he will declare this recent loss as Maggie's fish. That would leave him with the only living fish.

Sounds pretty typical for a first born.

Erik is taking them to the rodeo tonight. I'm going to try sending the camera with them - I doubt he'll take pictures though.

Speaking of rodeo's, I am in search of toddler/youth sized cowboy boots. Oh, and did I find some cute ones at Shepler' They are so adorable. I don't know how I'm going to pick a pair. Don't tell the kids, but that is what we are going to buy them for Christmas. They will be their "show" boots for when they show goats. Fun, right?!

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