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Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's Farm Show Week

For those of you that enjoy the television program on E! Entertainment Network, the above caption should be read the way Joel McHale says "It's reality show clip time!"

Ok, so it is Farm Show Week!!! We entered three of our does in the show and tomorrow Walker, and possibly Maggie, will be prancing around the ring in the Pee-wee showmanship class. Yay!

Our goats are looking a little funny though. You see, the Butler Farm Show rules for the goat division is ONLY for dairy goats, therefore, all the breed standards are designed around the dairy goat breeds - and those standards state that goats should not have horns.

The breed standard for meat goats is that they should have horns. We want to stay true to our breed standards.

We got a call tonight from the woman in charge of the goat tent and she told Erik we had to get tennis balls and put them on the goats horns. Erik ventured back to the farm show grounds to put tennis balls on their horns. Apparently it was quite an ordeal and he ended up duct-taping the balls to the horns. I'll post a picture tomorrow!

Anyway, this should prove to be an educational and LONG week. I don't think this will be the last slack we'll get from the goat lady this week. Rumor has it she's pretty tightly wound. We're trying to make a name for ourselves and if all goes well, this gal will more than likely be creating a new 4-H chapter. How does "The Butler County Meat Goat Chapter" sound?

Oh, and to add to the fun, my sister, her two kids, my dad and my mom will be here to watch this spectacle. Say a prayer - I may need it!

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  1. can't wait to see john mac-n-goat