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Monday, August 4, 2008

Butler Farm Show 2008 . . . Day 1

Well, we did it. Both Maggie and Walker managed to show two of our goats this morning at the pee-wee showmanship competition. I almost missed it! I had gone to the front gate to greet my mom, dad, sister, nephew & niece and when we got back, the kids were already in the ring showing!!! I panicked because I thought Erik might have forgotten the camera in his truck since he had left the house earlier than me, but he didn't and he hollered from the ring, "Your camera is over there!" and I grabbed it and started taking some shots. I left the camera in my car tonight, and it is late so I'm not going to upload photos now, but I got some good ones.

Maggie was shy with the judge and didn't want to talk or look at her.

Walker, my little Walkie, did so well. I'm going to take this opportunity now to brag a bit about my boy because the judge was talking about what she likes to see in the pee-wee showmanship competition, and she said, "I really thought the young gentleman in the back did a really great job. He kept his eyes on me the whole time, he smiled a lot and he was able to tell me the breed of goat he was handling." In case you haven't guessed, Walker was the young gentleman in the back! The children were thrilled to come out of the ring with a first place ribbon and a goodie bag. Walker pinned that ribbon on as if it were the "Grand Champion" ribbon. So sweet! Maggie ran it over to me, slapped it in my hand, "Here, Mom!"


I am seriously such a sap though because I totally got teary-eyed when the judge said that. I need to get my act together in the next 4 years so I don't break down if he ever really wins anything when he starts competing "for real". What a Loser! Go ahead, Lara, I know you want to make a comment!

Well, all the kids - and children - are asleep. All of them but Maggie fell asleep on the way home from the show grounds. Hopefully all of them will sleep well.

Hmmm. Maggie is in my bed - that is not going to bode well for a good night's sleep! Toes in my back. Not good.

Look for pictures later!

1 comment:

  1. well.. since you gave me permission I might as well comment..

    You better get your act together, cause luckily Walker is too sweet and won't use his power against you - but Miss Magaret might not be so easily tamed. And we all already know that Erik isn't going to have a leg to stand on with Mags, so you ma'am are the one to do the job!

    Also Will(bur) seeing as he is the spitting image of Walker he could end up with a similar personality meaning you will have two little boys that will have you unknowingly wrapped around their fingers.

    Haha.. and like I say, thank goodness I'm going to be a perfect mother or else I couldn't make comments like these!!! haha