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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 2 (and I didn't have to go!)

Today was an adventure and I didn't even make it up to the Farm Show!

Katie and her children stayed at our house last night. Partly just to visit and allow Chris & Walker to play, and partly because I asked Katie to assess my house for a re-design. (For those of you who don't know, Katie is an Interior Designer). Katie is going to work on some ideas for me, but while we were inside talking about what I was looking for in a design, the boys were up to no good!

Well, that's not entirely true - they were doing typical boy stuff - playing in the mud, chasing and capturing chickens - you know, fun stuff like that - and we were allowing to have their little boy freedom. Walker is pretty good about keeping his friends out of trouble and he knows what he is and isn't allowed to have and to touch around the farm.

We had just done the inevitable and jinxed the situation because in the midst of our talking, I said, "I wonder if I should go check on those boys." And as I said it, Chris blew in the door, casually saying, Well, Walker is crying. Katie asks him, Why Chris? I ran outside and Walker is limping toward the house screaming bloody murder
AHHH!! Momma!! I am bweeding! Insert more bawling and crying.

Me: Walker! What happened?
Walker: It's Christopher's fault!

We turn to Chris for details and in his most casual tone, Chris says,
Well, Aunt Jen, we were throwing rocks at the chicken coop house and we broke a window

Walker interjects: I told Chris not to but he did it.
Me: Walker, did you throw rocks too?
Walker: Yes, but I told Chris we should throw them at the barn, not the chicken coop!
Me: Ok, everyone in the house. We need to get cleaned up and look at that foot.
Walker: I don't want to be clean and I don't want you to touch my foot!

This particular dialogue went on for the length of time it took me to get Walker up the stairs. When I got him in the bathroom and he realized what I was doing, a whole other child emerged!

Have you ever seen a cat getting a bath? That was Walker as I tried to wahs his foot! He was twisting and turning and squirming. I get his foot washed, but had to lie him on the floor to look at his foot and eventually had to pin him on the floor and hold him down so I could check out the foot because he thought there might be glass in it.

I never found anything and I did finally manage to get him a bath but boy - I seriously would have rather bathed a cat!

Walker managed to get clean and we had to say goodbye to Katie, Chris & Olivia. I fed Maggie & Walker pancakes (Erik had taken Will with him to the farm show) and we ran a quick errand and within minutes, Walker had fallen asleep in the car. At 7:15 PM. Maggie and I spent the evening reading books and playing. She was so much fun. I hope she always wants to sit with me and have fun.

Well, here are some pictures from the goat show yesterday. Enjoy!
Maggie wasn't quite into the spirit of showing her goat. She was shy.

How can you not find this boy adorable???!!! He has my heart squeezed in his hands!

He is just so sweet.

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  1. I have been leaving you comments anonymously...muahhahahah....

    It's Lara, you nerd bag!

    So Walker and Chris got into some trouble huh.. sounds about right!