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Friday, August 1, 2008

Rant and Rave and then an update!

UGH! I really hate a certain mega store that EVERYONE pretty much has to shop at because it is convenient to shop there and so cheap! If you haven't guessed the store, it is WalMart! I needed some items today, so I thought I'd bribe the children into behaving by offering a lunch at McDonalds in the Walmart store before I did my shopping. First we trudge through the parking lot - 3 wide and me holding the baby carrier. I have to bring Will in the carrier because the carts that are supposed to hold multiple children don't have places for an older infant/toddler to sit with their legs through the holes. So, Will has to sit in the infant carrier. We go in one entrance and discover not only are there no special carts, there are no carts at all on that side. So, we tighten our grips on each other's hands and head ACROSS the store to the other entrance to look for a special cart there! We get there and the greeter asks "Can I help you Ma'am?" I say "sure, I need one of those special carts." He proceeds to tell me that I can go get the one that is outside the building in the cart storage area. He cannot go get it for me because he is not allowed to leave his post in front of the regular carts. Mind you, I have already trudged miles through the parking lot, across the overly crowded store (why did I not remember that it was the first of the month???) and am standing in the opposite entry with three hungry, cranky kids.

Of course, I did the reasonable thing. I got an attitude and loudly said, "I HATE this store. I guess they don't want us to spend our money here!" And I walked right out, back across the front of the store, through the hot and steamy parking lot to our hot and steamy van.

I am very proud of my children because I did not hear one complaint from them. We'll, ok, Will did fuss a little bit, but I don't think it was because I left Walmart in a huff.

I have vowed that I will not return to that store. I can't say that I will never enter a Walmart again, but I may have to start shopping at one in a different location.

Why oh why can't Target open one of their superstores here?! Please, if anyone out there reads this and has some pull with Target, I NEED ONE IN THE NORTH PITTSBURGH AREA!

That said, I'll fill you in on our fun times at the Clearfield County Fair!

Wednesday night, we took Walker to his very first concert. He got to see one of his favorite singers, Jason Aldean.
That is Jason Aldean putting a band aid on his finger - he must have blisters from all the guitar playing.

Walker was so excited. I've posted a few pictures, but I couldn't really get his face as he was watching the show because we were crammed into the bleacher - but, take it from me, it was totally worth going just to see that boy smile and laugh and giggle and clap. Walker is singing to "Amarillo Sky"

I just can't take how adorable he is!!

I seriously almost cried seeing how happy he was to hear "Amarillo Sky." Everyone around us commented, "Look at that little boy - he knows all the words." Ugh - I seriously can't take how adorable that boy can be. If his brother is even an iota similar, I'm lost!!! Hopefully he will always use this power for good and not for mischief making!

Thursday, we went to the Fair again with my sister Katie, her two children and my mom. My mom's car is in the shop, so we were using my Papa's car. You should have seen us trying to fanagle four children, a jogging stoller and a double side by side stroller into this car. There are times I think our family could be on a reality TV show. Seriously, how ridiculous can we get??

While we somehow managed to get to the fair and wrestle with food, drinks, Erik and Walker enjoyed a fun night at the truck pulls. They had a blast and came back to my moms house chanting, "Fuuuuuuull Puuuuuul!" Drawing out the words, "Full Pull."

We left my moms early this morning and surprised the children with special donuts from the fair - Erik's very favorite donuts that will also be at the Butler Farm Show this coming week! I only tell you this because miss Maggie May calls them Do-nos. And she only eats the icing, sprinkles, or whatever topping is on the donut. She NEVER eats the actual donut itself. Which worked out fine because she then passes the rest of the donut to her baby brother who wolfes down any food available to him. We jokingly call him "Porky" because he is always ready to eat. Mind you, the poor child is only in the 10th percentile for his weight according to his last Dr. visit on the 28th. It's nothing to worry about, his brother was the same way - they just have that really lucky metabolism. I like to think that I got skipped over on that metabolism thing so my children would be given the gift. Yes, I sacrificed so my children would benefit. Think they'll buy that in the future??

Well, tomorrow is looking to be a very busy day. I've got cleaning and laundry to catch up on and I'm sure Erik will want some help getting stuff together for the Farm Show. We're entering 3 goats and Walker is going to enter the pee-wee showmanship contest on Monday. Exciting times around here. The goats need baths though, so we'll be doing that tomorrow. What does one use to give a goat a bath? Can we use dog shampoo?? Guess we'll have to head to Tractor Supply to find something! They need a nice shiny coat.

Fun times!

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