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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bieber Fever

We don't have Bieber Fever in our house.  My kids actually don't really even know who he is.  Since I am a fan of pop culture, I am aware of who he is but I have not formed an opinion of him other than for some reason, when I've seen him on TV interviews, he irritates me.

I've seen him on some talk shows where he seems like a nice enough young man, and my sister (who knows A LOT more about this kind of stuff and is much younger than I am and way more cool) says,  "I think he's sweet and cute and talented and adorable and good to his mother and not a total 16 year old creep like most gross boys.  His songs are catchy and adorable.  And your son looks just like baby beiber."  

As evidenced here:

Mr. Bieber

Willie J

Thanks, Justin Bieber for the very funny commercial for Best Buy last night at the Superbowl

I filmed this of Willie J today:

And I'm thinking if Justin Bieber can do it, maybe Willie J has a chance at fame as well.  He rocks a mean Paper Jams guitar after all.

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