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Friday, February 5, 2010

Time goes by so . . .not slowly (part deux)

I can't believe how fast a month has flown!

In the last month we've done A LOT!

We headed out to the PA State Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA.  Overall it was a good time.  I admit I ran out of patience easier on this trip.  It all goes back to discussing expectations with your spouse.  My expectation was that since we were going to be there for three FULL days, we wouldn't have to spend ALL day there.  Erik's expectation was that since we were going to be there three full days, we would spend EVERY WAKING MINUTE THERE! 

I tired of it quickly and I think the children did too a little, but we made it through, learned from the Boer Goat judging and watched some awesome PA Preferred cooking demonstrations.  I've now added a Mushroom Bisque to my cooking arsenal and if I do say so myself, it is awesome.  A big thanks to chef Andrew Little,  Executive Chef at Sheppard Mansion, Hanover, PA for providing the recipe and demonstrating it.  I cooked the bisque this past weekend for my family for Walker's birthday and plan to cook it again on the 13th for a Valentine's Day supper I'm hosting for a few friends.

We did manage to make the trip to Hershey World (per my request) and the kids really seemed to get into the "How Chocolate is Made" show.  Here's my attempt at taking a group photo of us on the tour.

We've been busy with a lot of the little things that make life go so fast. Pretty much every Monday night, Erik takes the kids to the YMCA for open swim. When I don't have a mountain of laundry to get put away, I usually join them. We take turns swimming laps in the pool and have the kids chase us. I'm not sure who is more tired when the evening is over, the parents or the kids. I'm also not sure which is more tiring: swimming laps or giving the kids showers and dressing them.

We had a doctors appointment this month AND had our first (and probably only) sonogram this past Monday. Here are the sonogram pictures. They're not super great - I don't know if it is the imaging center that we use, the technician, or if our babies are just too squirmy, but we've never gotten a good profile picture. You can tell that these are profile pictures, but they aren't as clear as others I've seen.

The other night at supper, we were talking about the Super Bowl and Walker told us that he was going to wear his new football helmet that his Aunt Lara got him for Christmas. Maggie, not to be outdone, said she was going to dress up like a cheerleader, but needed those "fings." As she told us this, she began waving her arms around and flapping them like a chicken. I was confused and asked "what are you talking about?" and Walker interjected with, "Momma, she's talking about CHEER BOMBS" After further investigation, I realized that Cheer bombs are pom poms.

Finally, in preparation for the future, we are getting a whelping box ready for our Border Collie, Chloe. We are expecting Chloe to have puppies sometime next weekend. Her estimated dates are between February 12 and 16th. That's going to be pretty exciting for us. The kids are so anxious for them to arrive. We aren't going to be keeping any of the pups from this litter, unless of course, for some reason they don't sell. I'm sure they will be adorable and I can't wait to see how many she has.

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