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Sunday, July 26, 2009

This and that

I spent a few days in my hometown last week and had a photo session with  my three and my niece and nephew.  Nana was in need of new photos of the kids and that Sunday was an overcast w/ some sun day - perfect for outdoor photos.

One of the highlights of being at Nana's is riding in the golf cart.  We won't go into the fact that the big boys are no longer allowed to drive the golf cart with assistance from adults.  A mishap between Nana & Chris changed that rule forever.  Well, until the boys are 7 at least.  Nana is driving and Aunt Lara is the passenger.  She pulled up her hood in an attempt to give me a "white backdrop."  Aunt 'Ara is goofy.  She had gone to a wedding the night before.  I'm not entirely sure she was thinking clearly.  I believe at some point in the review of these photos, one of my smart mouth sisters commented that the kids look like the Von Trapp children in their uniforms on their way to sing for the Nazi's.  Har - har har - very funny.  It was probably one of my sisters who doesn't have kids.  Wait until they have offspring and I start making fun of them.  

Here the kids are at Papa's gazebo.  My Papa does a beautiful job of keeping the farm picturesque.  If I lived closer, I'd be doing photo shoots there all the time.  The kids had a hard time with what to do with their hands.  Will and Olivia kept doing whatever Aunt Ara did with her hands, so if she stuck bunny ears behind my head, they put their hands in the air.  So we told them to put their hands in their pockets.  Will looks good, but Olivia couldn't fit her hands in her pockets.  Pool Liv.  She has a tough time with her extremities.  
Here are the kids at the barn on the hay.  Walker and Chris look posed - I did not ask them to do this, nor did my art directors, Nana & Aunt Ara.  I think Walker & Chris look like that movie ad for "Stepbrothers."  Will could not resist and had to mimic Aunt Ara again.  Watch out, Aunt Ara - when your kids are getting their portraits done, I'm going to put my finger up my nose and get them to mimic me!  

This was a fun shot of them all running down towards the pond - except they ran the wrong way and the pond is not in the shot.  Just the houses below and the ugly power lines.
I liked this one of the kids at the pond with their reflections on the water.
All in all, it was a fun and fast couple hours and the kids did great.  Our only melt downs came from Walker, so the day was very successful!

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