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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Idlewild Trip 2

This past week, Erik surprised us and took us on a trip to Idlewild.  We got there just as the park opened, and we headed straight for the kiddie rides.  First stop - a trolley type car that all three could ride.  We were off to a good start.

Next, Walker asked to ride the bumper cars.  Do you see all of the other kids riding too? His precise reason for wanting to ride them at this point, despite protests from me and Erik?  
He didn't want to BUMP INTO ANYONE!
I'm not sure of the philosophy of that one, but if that's what made him happy we let him do it!
Poor Willie was not old enough to ride many rides by himself or even with Walker as a companion.  The Bumper cars was one of those rides.  Doesn't he look so pathetic and adorable as he stands on his tip-toes to watch "brubby."  Don't you just want to scoop him up and make the ride attendants let him ride too?  This boy keeps me on my toes.
Walker & Will get to ride on the airplanes,
the vintage cars and
the flying dragons.
Here is what Maggie did while the boys went on all of these rides.  She heard us say something about swimming and she is waiting to go swimming.  Fun will not commence until we are swimming.  She will not eat, she will not drink, but more importantly, she will not have any kid of fun, thank you very much, unless we go swimming.  We practically dragged her onto the Mr. Roger's trolley into the land of make-believe, and the train.  She only went with us because Momma & Daddy were riding those rides too and she didn't want to be left behind.
Walker and Will drove the grand prix.
Willie gets a kiss on the train ride around the park.
To end the adventure, Maggie & Walker did ride the carousel.  
Maggie finally conceded and did one final ride - but only because we went to the "soak zone" and played in the pool.  Did I mention that the pool was freezing cold - the kind of cold that takes your breath away and you wade through the water gasping and yelling at the same time, "ugh, ah, ugh, ah, ugh, ah!" because the water is so cold it is slowly freezing your blood and you lose all ability to function until A) you submerge your entire body and start swi
mming or B) get out of the water, wrap yourself in a huge beach towel, and sit shivering until the ice crystals break and blood circulation returns to normal.  

How my itty-bitty children that have like less than 10% body fat managed to play in that frigid water all afternoon is beyond me.  I do know we had to force them from the water park because their lips and fingers were turning blue and they were starting to look like extra's from the "Night of the Living Dead" movie.  A final ride, some cotton candy and the day was complete.  We were so busy we never even made it to Storybook Forrest.  Maybe next year.

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