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Monday, April 27, 2009

Will's first haircut

Will's first haircut, originally uploaded by Jenniferschwalm.

Well, I broke down and did it. I almost made it 18 months and 1 week. After the kids had their shower tonight, I was combing hair and as I pulled the comb through Willie's baby hair, I noticed I was combing almost to his mid shoulder. Not so appealing for a baby boy. So, I cut his hair. Maggie & Walker sat enthralled watching me comb the hair over and over as I marveled at how Will has changed so much in such a short time. I am one of those Mom's that is hair attached. I knew his hair was long overdue for a cut, but, I clung to it seeing that wispy mess as the last of his babyhood. When I cut off that hair, I cut off the last of my baby. Boy hood has been fast approaching since his birthday, but I try to avoid it. Out of uncertainty, I suppose. Part of me knows things are so easy right now - we can gather up and go with little effort, no bottles, nursing, etc., to worry about. But part of me wonders if a baby might still be in our future. I'm not saying it is - I'm not saying it isn't - I just know that keeping Will as a baby allowed me to stave off that internal discussion for a while. Now I will really have to examine my feelings and how it would affect our family.

But, for now - Ode to Willie! He is a big boy and getting smarter, stronger and FASTER every day. My biggest enjoyment with him right now is to watch him run. His little feet go so fast - they almost look like paddle wheels- like those Flintstone cartoons where the feet would paddle wheel and the legs and body would stay still - his favorite game is to get his brother or his sister to chase him and run. Luckily they all enjoy that game.

Will is really starting to talk now too. He says the usual, "Momma, Daddy, ball, baby, Mimi" and he tries to say Walker, but usually says, "Bubba" and I'm not sure half the time if his "Ma" means Maggie or Goat. A few weekends ago, Erik took Walker and Maggie to my Dad's for the opening day of fishing season. I was home alone with Willie and the first night we were home alone, I had fed Will supper and bathed him and was going to put him to bed. I was playing with him, smelling his arms and legs saying "Mmmm - you smell good!" So he imitated me by trying to smell me. I laughed and said, "Ooh - Momma smells stinky!" He sniffed at me again and said "Stinky" So now we can say, "How does (insert name here) smell?" and he will sniff at them and say, "Stinky!" It is very funny.

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