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Monday, April 27, 2009

Before . . .

Oh - look at this scraggy ragamuffin!  I've been struggling with what to do with Will's hair for many months now.  It was too long and Will ALWAYS puts his food in his hair wreaking havoc with any styling I try to do.  

After these last few HOT days, and the slathering of the sunscreen, I decided tonight it must be cut.  So I did it!

Below, you will see the result.  I now have two big boys.  

Excuse me while I cry.

Before I indulge, let me forewarn you that hopefully in the next few days I will be blogging photos of our trip to Colorado.  If you have chosen to receive emails letting you know when I update the blog, you may want to unsubscribe to the feed so you don't get a million emails telling you I've made a new post to the blog.

Ok, resume reading my hair cut story and pretend to sympathize that my baby has lost his baby hair!  I'm going to bed to cry now! 

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