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Friday, September 19, 2008

Today I'm just going to host a hodge podge of pictures from today.  First, Walker talking to Nana on the telephone.  Why he chose this particular way is beyond me, but he talked to her quite a bit - trying to explain to her that he would have to bring his special sippy cup (water bottle) to her house on Saturday because he is developing a cold sore (he calls it a sore lip) because of a cold/allergies.  I don't think Nana understood, but I did and it was very funny to hear them try to have a conversation.  

After talking to Nana, we had time to play outside before school.  It was a lot of fun.  Soon it was time for Walker to go to sch
ool and for the little two to nap.  

At that point, Erik came home and began working on removing the shingles from the roof in preparation for tomorrows roofing project.  Finally - a new roof.  I don't
 think our place has had a new roof in at least 35 years - possibly more.  We've been lucky to have no major leaks.  I took some pics of Erik u
p on the roof.  Yes, we've lived in a house looking like this on the exterior for 5 years now.  However, this is the year.  We will *cross your fingers* be finishing the exterior this winter. 
 I've been poring through i
mages on the web looking at "Folk Victorians" 
which I have decided to model our house after.   I'd love to have a Queen Anne looking Victorian, but realistically, that isn't our lifestyle.  I'm not into the 
fancy dark interiors - although I do love wood - someday I'd love to have a paneled library - but, since according to
 my designer sister, I really have no clear style - I think at our last discussion we came up with "Early colonial French country american farmhouse traditional shabby chic" as my design asthetic.  I think in layman's terms, that me
ans "I can't make a decision to save my life!"   
Here's my dear hubby scraping the roof - all to save us some $$ on the remodel.  Go Erik!

Walker loves his dog.  And she loves him.  We all love Chloe Belle.  Even though she
 is a nuisance sometimes.

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