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Sunday, June 15, 2008



I've been reading other blogs lately and decided it was really something I should do to keep family and friends outside of our little 40 acres updated on our lives. I also thought it would be a great way to journal our life here at Goodness Grows Farm - you know - something to show the kiddos someday. Let the adventures begin!

It's Father's day here and Erik & the "big" children are out at the goat barn. One of our nanny goats we've affectionately named "Tank" keeps escaping. Erik is stumped at how she is escaping. I just think she is pushing against the gate hard enough to squeeze through. Goats must be like cats in that if they can fit their head through an opening, their entire body will fit through it. It is a riduculously annoying feature.

What's new around here? Not much. Summer is in full swing now - Erik is busy with the landscaping and the farm. I am busy keeping the children busy - I must remember to be sure to use two different terms - "children" will describe our human children and "kid" will refer to our goat babies. Forgive me if I forget to use the distinctions - I will rely on your common sense to differentiate between the two should I forget.

Anyhoo - it has been very hot & humid the last week - humid to a distraction! Friday (the 13th) we went to the local water hole to swim. Of course, true to my luck, we were there only an hour when the skies opened up and started raining. The nice lady refunded our money so we would come back. The children LOVE the kiddie pool they have. It is really a lovely pool for us to go to. Today is much less humid after yesterdays downpours.

Yesterday was an exciting day for us - Mimi found a playhouse for the children at an Amish auction and Erik borrowed a large trailer and went North to pick it up. It is still on the trailer now waiting for the ground to dry up so we can attempt to put it where I want it. Of course, I can't just pick a nice easy place - Erik will have to use the skid loader to haul it up the hill to the "play area" that we have created just outside of the sunroom. Walker was so excited. He drove up with his dad to get it and came back to town with Mimi and told me excitedly, "And it even has a lock on the door!" He's very into locks and creating privacy. He's started banning Maggie May from his room. I think it is more about the pleasure he gets from banning her, hearing her cry, then he generously allows her entrance into his room. Of course, Drama Queen Maggie can't let a minute go by without having some attention from her "brubby."

Little Willie J has started crawling and is ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! In fact, he is stuck under my chair now. And he is whimpering which indicates he is ready to eat and take a nap. Which means this first blog is done. Yay!

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