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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Playhouse arrives!

I suppose it's silly to blog again on the same day, but we had an exciting evening - Erik & his dad managed to get the playhouse off the trailer - with much difficulty and MacGuyver like skill from Erik, and the children celebrated gleefully!

Erik managed to pull the playhouse up the steep bank and back it up to the general area of where I want the playhouse to permanently rest. Since his skid loader is still on a job site, Erik thought he would use the old pine tree as an anchor, then drive the trailer out from under the house. After a few moments, we realized this was not going to happen so he attempted several other counter-measures to no avail. Somehow though, Erik & Papa Ralph managed to get that playhouse off the trailer and now Walker and Maggie are thrilled. Walker cermoniously used the keys to unlock the front door and he & Maggie ran into the space touching the walls and making plans. Walker said he liked the smell of the wood - a trait he must have gotten from me - I love the smell of fresh cut wood - must be from my childhood and being at the Lumber Yard.

The playhouse came from an Amish auction and the seller threw in two hanging baskets for the front porch and Maggie & Walker couldn't wait to water their flowers. They are so cute at how thrilled they are over the playhouse and the possibilities it brings to our yard. I am thrilled that we now have an outdoor space to store the extra stuff in the winter, but most of all I am excited to watch them play in their playhouse the way my sisters and I did in ours over 25 years ago. I suppose playing "Little House on The Prairie" is out, but I'm sure they will come up with fun and imaginative things to play on their own.

Well, I'm off to hide the keys to the playhouse - Walker is a little too excited about the locking door and I'm a little afraid of what might happen if he gets his hands on them.

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