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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting Old

Today I left for the YMCA early to get in a workout before the boys had their Wiggle Giggle Smile class.  I got that workout in, took the boys to class and was feeling good.  It was only 10:15 and I was on my way home to get some stuff accomplished before heading back out this afternoon to do some shopping for a PTO event at our school with a friend.

My mind was wandering, the sun was shining and I got to thinking about my Papa, who turned 86 yesterday.  You might have heard that earlier this week, the oldest person in the world (or maybe just the USA) turned 116.  That made her 30 years older than my grandfather so I thought, "Well, Papa's got another 30 years in him then."  My mind wandered some more thinking about how vast an age difference 30 years was.  Then I started to do some more complicated math thinking about how old I was and how old that would have made Papa when I was born.

Thank goodness Walker has been reviewing double digit addition and subtraction this week so I was easily able to figure out that

FIFTY!!!  My Papa was only 50 when I was born.

I am only 14 years away from 50.

When I am 50, my third born will graduate high school.

My YOUNGEST CHILD will not graduate high school until I am 52!

Papa still goes into work every day.

I retired eight years ago.

Now, you tell me who is the old fart?

Happy Birthday to the BEST PAPA IN THE WORLD!

One of the trips to Disney World Papa took us on  - to stay at the Grand Floridian.

Four years ago with the youngest Lezzer grandkids and the great-grand children.  The four oldest granddaughters are missing from the photo - and we had two more great-grandsons born since then!

Papa and Maggie on June 30 of this year at my sister's wedding.  

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