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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Am Super Lucky

There is not a moment that goes by that I do not feel an immense amount of gratitude for the life I am able to live.  I am fully aware and in awe of the blessings I have been given and I try very hard NOT to take them for granted.

One of the blessings I treasure is a friendship that I have had since preschool.  I think I've mentioned my childhood friend before and how a pair of red patent leather Mary Jane shoes

 inspired a friendship of 33 years.  

I've been thinking of that friend a lot lately.  She's apparently been thinking of me too because as I was putting together a fruit salad for Administrative Assistant Appreciation Day at my children's school,  I saw an unfamiliar van pull up to the door.  I soon noticed a sticker in the window indicating it was from a flower shop.  I opened the door and the delivery person asked if I was Jennifer and then he handed me a lovely flower arrangement.  My first thought was that my husband really surprised me but I opened up the card to read that it was from my dear friend, and she sent flowers to simply let me know that she was thinking of me.  That small gesture made me feel so special it brought me to tears.  

I am remiss in keeping in touch with her frequently, mostly because of this


and this

but when we are able to get together, I always feel so much better having reconnected with the friend who has known me almost as long as my parents have.  It's a pretty amazing experience and I am grateful for the blessing.  

Thank you, Keely, for being such an amazing woman and my lifelong friend.  

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