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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heatwave: July 21st Edition.

All you folks out there that complain of 6 below temperatures this winter, I have one questions?

"Are you happy now?"

Personally, I'd take 20 below over 95 with a heat index of 105 and humidity ANY day.


I'm not exactly going to say I long for days that look like this, but I could handle some cooler temperatures:

Sure, a lot more clothing is involved, but has anyone noticed it is far easier to HEAT a home than it is to cool it?  Well, at least at our house where our fuel is not only free,  but abundant.  It would take us a long time to burn all the trees on our property - if we had to.  We don't have to - don't yell at me about the environment.  We only burn already fallen trees or trees that are starting to die or will not grow because of the over growth in the vicinity.

Not that I'm complaining though.  We are very fortunate that the pool is FINALLY set and we've been swimming constantly all week.  We actually got the liner correctly last Monday, scheduled water for Tuesday and got all three tanker loads in with NO incident.  We even managed to work together to cut the liner for the skimmer and patch a few small holes that we got in the liner due to the overworking of it the previous two weeks.

It is heavenly.

Everyone in the family LOVES it and we're happy to have our friends over to swim with us!

 The kids are exploring all the new pool toys I've been able to buy on clearance since summer is half over : )  I'm thinking pool toys/rafts/beach towels will be GREAT things to stock up on for stocking stuffers and Easter baskets.  Someone please remind me to do that as I do not ever want to leave the house again since I can stay immersed in the pool all day!

The people we bought our pool from used had a box of pool things they threw in with the pool.  In the box were some plastic sharks, dolphins and an alligator.  Willie loves that alligator.

 Hello, Walker.  These giant green goggles are the only ones that fit him.  I cannot find any goggles to fit my kids faces.  Even the Youth 4+ goggles I found at Walmart, where the eye pieces are the size of quarters don't fit them.

We had my niece and nephew stay with us for a few days.

 Our schedule went something like this:
Wake up.
Make kids get out of pool and rest even though they don't really want to but bribe them with a movie and a sweet snack.
Brush teeth

The times of these events really don't matter - in fact, I'm relearning that when you have a pool, the time doesn't matter.  You just rely on your carnal instincts to tell you what your body needs.

Today some of the girls from my book league managed to drag their sweaty bodies to my house for a swim party.  We were supposed to also discuss the book we recently read, 

but apparently only me and one other girl (who was unable to make our meeting today) enjoyed the book, so our discussion was pretty much just a poll of who actually read the book, who liked it, and then silence.

But we got to visit with this little fella.

And everyone hung out in the pool.

The kids jumped and played and swam.

 and noodled

 and splashed

and smiled.

And I smiled.  Because we were fortunate enough to be able to put in this pool and we have wonderful friends to share it with us.  These memories are what will keep me warm when the days once again look like this:

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