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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

7th Momiversary

Today is my 7th Momiversary.

This fellow is 7.

That's ridiculous!

Just yesterday this is what he looked like!

Now he's seven and he wants to have his birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

So he can get lots of cute college girls to sing him a happy birthday song after they give him a super-cool plastic cowboy hat.

Next thing you know, this hoodlum is going to be seven.

And so will this one:

Not this girl, though.  She promises she won't grow up and leave me.  Except maybe she will because she wants to grow up and be a Mommy.

Her dad has strictly forbidden this dream though.

Back to the seven year old . . .

Friday night, he had his first "official" sleep over.  Waker invited a friend over and they watched movies and played and had a blast.  Saturday,we had a sled riding/birthday party.  We invited almost everyone we knew to come over and sled ride at our house and have lunch with us.  It was awesome!

 Friends prepping to head down the hill.

My nephew hits the "slopes."
A group shot - look at that line up!

Whit gets in on the action.

Walker and his classmate - the one person he DEFINITELY wanted at his party.

Daddy sneaked Whitaker some cake.

Hmmm - who instructed these kids to pose so prettily?

Maggie enjoys the moment too!

Walker helped design his cake - we were hoping to put farm animals on sleds and skis on the cake, but the local cake decorating store only had ski figures available.  I don't know why one figure was GIANT in comparison to the other skiers, and I'm not sure what the deal is with the "ski lodge" with the paddle wheel, but Walker liked it so it made the cake.  

After all, aren't birthdays for doing just what the birthday boy wants?


  1. Jen,ALWAYS love reading your blog! SO entertaining, and SUCH a celebration of life:)

  2. Jen your bunch is so darn cute! Happy birthday to Walker! The cke is great! Did you make it?

  3. Thanks, Nicole. I did make the cake with the design help of Walker. It was my first attempt at making my own icing and it was SOOO yummy.