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Thursday, September 30, 2010

You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me . . . GE Profile!

It's been a very sad week inside the house at Goodness Grows Farm.  I've been mourning the loss of my new used dishwasher.  About 9 months ago, my original Maytag dishwasher that we purchased for the house when we remodeled, stopped working for the second time in 6 years.  It had nothing to do with using well water (as many suggested) we have a whole house softener and filter.  Our lines are clean!  We deduced that it was the control panel that malfunctioned, so after some investigation into prices online, we came to the conclusion that between the service call (even using a non-Maytag associated repairman), parts and labor, we'd have about $300 into the dishwasher which is basically a new dishwasher.

Being the craigslist loving folks that we are, Erik immediately started watching "the list" for a replacement. He found this one (please excuse the fingerprints):

It is a GE Profile and I LOVE IT.  It has three separate spinners that force water into the machine and clean the dishes.  This was such an awesome deal.  The guy selling it was a contractor who had been contracted to remove the "old" stainless steel appliances from a kitchen in a condo.  The lady who bought the condo wanted black appliances.  This dishwasher was only two years old and was used by someone who spent half her year in Florida.  It was perfect.  

It has many different wash cycles and the best part is that you can select which level of clean you need, not like my old, plain, Maytag, that you just pushed the button and had to wait over 2 hours for the cycle to complete.

This one has a "Speed Cycle" that completes a cycle in just 34 minutes!  44 minutes if you choose the "heated dry" option!

There are lots of other options too -  china/crysta, rinse only, glasses, normal wash, anti-bacterial, pots and pans . . .  it's wonderful!

And it's not working : (

So now, my new best friend is:

And my kitchen sink looks disgustingly like this:

And my kitchen countertops look like this:

And I can't stand it!

Erik is going to check tonight to see if it is possibly the waterline that is causing the problem.  It's a sad day in my life that I'm actually hoping that we have mice and that the mice crawled behind the dishwasher and moved the waterline and that's why the dishwasher isn't filling and running.  

Otherwise, I fear it's back to craigslist.  And I can't go back - I've lived with a high end appliance for almost a year now - going back to a low end dishwasher will be too hard.  

At least that's what I think until I go into the kitchen and see my sink full of dishes and realize that any dishwasher would be better than having to stick my hand into that gross, food filled water to clean my dishes!  

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