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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Devil in Disguise

Devil In Disguise

Dear Nissan,

I demand some compensation for the creative inspiration my child has provided you for the "Devil In Disguise" commercial.  Clearly someone must have installed secret squirrel hidden cameras in our house and woods.  How else would you have been inspired to make this commercial?  Trashing cars in the mud?  Throwing one to a dog to chew on?  Flushing objects down the toilet??  The only thing missing was a scene of running one through the manure pile out behind the barn.  Obviously you could not include that scene or I would have concrete evidence that you were secret squirrel taping my child's every move.  I can only imagine the footage you obtained in the second hour of film!

What?  How dare you imply that all almost three year old boys act like this!  My son is unique and individual and certainly no other parents allow their children to behave as mine does.

I mean wait a  minute . . .  you mean it's actually true?  ALL three year old boys do this?  And it is just a phase?  

Oh, thank goodness.

Please disregard my above demand for compensation.  Perhaps you could instead just indicate that inspiration for the commercial was not derived in any way from observations of one Will Schwalm.  That really would get my family off my back about the child we have labeled "Candy Man Dr. Destruction."


Mother of Candy Man Dr. Destruction

Watch me now!

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