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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day In The Life Pictorial

In the morning, I wake to this little lovey.  He lies in his bassinet and coos and talks until I get up and get him out to feed him.  When I peek over the edge of his bassinet and he sees me, he gives me a huge smile and my heart swells with love.

Walker loves helping me with Whitaker.  I taught Walker how to make a formula bottle and feed Whit.  I'm thinking this may come in handy!  Walker got his teacher and bus assignments yesterday.  It's really hitting home how much I'll miss him.  This morning when he woke up, he was telling me something as he picked out his clothes, and I kind of got lost listening to him -  flashing back to him as a little guy and looking at how grown up he is now - how he seems more like a boy than a little boy.  *Insert sobbing here.*

After supper when I went outside, here's what I saw.

This is one Cookie.  She is a pygmy goat and is pregnant.  Heavens, does she waddle.  I feel for ya, sister.  I think she's very glad the temperature has dropped finally.

 Erik cleaned out the barn last night so the herd was released to the yard.  We have a couple really cute babies too.  They are so fun to watch.  The large furry animal on the right is our LLalpaca or Allama - it's an Alpaca/Llama cross.  He tends the herd and watches for predators.

Three months ago, this little guy didn't like his baths so much.  His tub must have felt so big and scary.

Last night, this big guy got a bath and now look at how small the tub is.  He's going to be able to go in the big bath tub soon.  I can't wait until he enjoys splashing and playing in the tub.  But then, he'll be growing up.  I'm not ready for any of them to grow up.

 Maggie has been so worn out at night lately that she just fell asleep on the daybed the other night after supper. I am glad that sending kids to bed dirty is not cause for protective services to take your kids away from you.  Because I'd wager that this summer at least 5 out of 7 nights a week my kids go to bed with a considerable amount of dirt on them.  That's ok - skin, hair, clothes and sheets all wash up pretty easily.

Because moments like this go pretty fast!

1 comment:

  1. Love the two bath pictures! He has changed so, so much in such a short time.

    The goat pictures are great! I don't think I've seen a goat who is that pregnant before. But we've all been there... She'll feel better soon.

    I've been thinking about a goat to keep around the house. Do they really eat thick, brushy stuff, or is that just a myth?